How to Edit or Delete Featured Likes On Your Facebook Page

If you’ve ever liked another Facebook page when you’re logged in as your business or brand’s Page, you’ll notice a “Liked by This Page” section on your Page timeline. This section basically up to 3 pages you’ve liked on a random cycle.

As an admin of the page, you can specify which of your liked pages always rotate there by selecting them as featured; you can unlike or delete the ones you don’t want to appear as a “Liked” page or even remove the section from your timeline.

To specify which of the liked pages to be rotated in the “Liked by This Page” section, go to your Page, click on “Settings” > “Featured“. Click “Add Featured Likes” button, select the pages and click “Save”

To remove unlike or delete the liked pages,

==> Scroll down to the “Liked by This Page” section
==> Click on the
==> The list of liked pages will appear

edit facebook featured likes

==> Hover on the “Liked by your page” button
==> Click “Unlike as your page”

If you refresh the page, you will no longer the the Unliked page in the list.

If you want to remove the Featured Likes section from appearing on your Facebook page, you can do so by not liking any pages at all.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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