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Facebook is a social networking website where you can meet new people, find old friends, share ideas and engage in lots of other things. It has millions of members, which a large user base of professionals, readers, bloggers, intellects and casual readers.

Since it has now become one of the most visited sites on the internet, you will agree with me that adding your blog to your profile will surely give it more exposure. If you are on Facebook, try and add me as your friend through and you will see all the tricks i use regularly to expose my Blog to the entire world.

Whenever I post a new entry to my Blog, it automatically appears on my wall at Facebook and all my friends receive notifications that there is a new post at my Blog for them to check out. Aint this cool ?…well, read on…. There are several ways you can add your blog to your Facebook profile………..

Firstly you will have to create an account if you do not have one. Anyone can join Facebook. After registering with a valid email address you can join the networks you are interested in to connect with people of similar interests. You have full control over your profile to show only what you want and keep the rest private.

PUT BLOG LINK IN PROFILE: In the New Facebook, you will notice there is a ” LINK” tab on your Profile page. You can always use this feature to share links of your posts. All you need is to copy the full url of your post and paste it inside the box and Click “Attach“. After a few seconds, your post will be seen by your friends with a link to your Blog. Also, you can put your blog link in your profile using the “Status” tab.

Use of  Facebook Application

New applications are being developed everyday.  There are applications which you can use ti import your blog to facebook as well. My favorite application is the one created by Networkedblogs.

To Import your blog using NETWORKEDBLOGS, go to and click “add application” or “go to application“. Then register your blog there. See mine here:

Join my facebook network at , become a reader and feel free to exchange traffic with me.

You join my network, once you notify me with your own link, I will join yours too.

Note: Facebook changes their design most of the time, hence, some changes might have been effected by the time you will be reading this. Kindly use the comment form below to let me know in case you are finding trouble importing your blog to Facebook.

Ogbongz’s Facebook profile

Secret infos- Ogbongeblog facebook network

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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