Glo Latest Promo: Recharge and Get Free Airtime, Data and SMS

Glo Network in Nigeria has kicked off the recharge-based Easter promo, rewarding customers 30% to 120% bonus of FREE airtime, SMS and Data on recharges from N200 and above. It is simply a “Glo 3 in 1 Promo” and not a reduction in glo tariffs.

The higher the value of recharge, the higher the bonus earned. Bonus comes in FREE minutes, FREE SMS and FREE Data. Offer runs till 30th April, 2012.

Below is the breakdown of the Glo Nigeria promo:

Recharge Denomination ==> N200

Bonus Airtime(N) ==> 10
Bonus SMS(Qty) ==> 10
Bonus Data(MB) ==> 0
Total Freebies(N) ==> 60
Total Freebies(%) ==>30%

Recharge Denomination ==> N500

Bonus Airtime(N) ==> 50
Bonus SMS(Qty) ==> 25
Bonus Data(MB) ==> 10
Total Freebies(N) ==> 275
Total Freebies(%) ==>55%

Recharge Denomination ==> N1,000

Bonus Airtime(N) ==> 300
Bonus SMS(Qty) ==> 100
Bonus Data(MB) ==> 25
Total Freebies(N) ==> 1,050
Total Freebies(%) ==>105%

Recharge Denomination ==> N5,000

Bonus Airtime(N) ==> 2,500
Bonus SMS(Qty) ==> 500
Bonus Data(MB) ==> 100
Total Freebies(N) ==> 6000
Total Freebies(%) ==>120%

The analysis above simply means if you recharge N500 on your Glo SIM card, you will get N50 free airtime, 25 free SMS and 10MB to browse free.

NOTE: Bonus is Glo-to-Glo, valid for 7 days.

This is a nice one from Globacom Nigeria and hope other networks in Nigeria will reward their customers in this Easter season.

Source: Globacom Nigeria website

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