GTBank Dollar Card Expired? Renewal & Activation Explained!

If your GTBank dollar debit mastercard expires, you can get a renewal card same day without stress.

Just walk in to the gtbank where you picked up the expired card and tell the gtbank customer care rep that your card has expired and you need a new one.

The rep will ask you to fill and sign an application form for gtb dollar card renewal. In the form, you will be required to enter your personal and gtbank account details.

The rep will use the details entered to check their records to see if your card has arrived the branch for pickup. If available for pick up, it will be issued to you without delay.

Thereafter, you will be required to activate the gtbank dollar renewal card. If you fail to do this and go ahead to make use of it online, the gtbank dollar card will be declined.

To activate the new gtb dollar card, you will have to call GTConnect and speak to a GTBank card services rep.  The GTBank card services rep will ask for your bank account number, date of birth, answer to your security question, first 6 digits and last four digits on your dollar card etc to confirm that the account truly belongs to you.

If all details provided are correct, the dollar card will be activated for use and you will be advised to chill till after 24 hours before using it for online payments.

You will also be advised to go to nearest gtbank atm to change the default pin of the card. Default is 0000.

After 24 hours as stated earlier, you can then proceed to use the gtbank dollar card for your online payments.

That’s all.

gtbank dollar debit mastercard

Kindly note :

  • the gtbank dollar renewal card will have same number as the expired card. The expiry date and cvv at the back of the card will differ though.
  • gtbank will deduct dollar card renewal fee from your bank account.

I hope this helps.

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