How I Use Airtel BIS To Browse On My Computer

Immediately I noticed that my Glo Blackberry subscription has stopped working on my iPad and computer, I pinged a friend of mine, to send me the settings and configuration to use on my internet modem for me to be able to browse on my PC using Airtel BB plan. He did and right now, am using Airtel Blackberry plan to browse on my PC.

Without wasting much time, here is how I set it up:

==> I created a new profile on my Glo NetPro modem using with the settings below:

  • Connection Name: Airtel BIS
  • APN :
  • Username: internet
  • Password: internet

==> I inserted my Airtel SIM card into my Nokia torchlight phone and recharged it with N1, 500

==> I dialed *440*4# to subscribe to Airtel Social Blackberry plan (costs N1,200/month for 1GB)

==> After receiving a text message confirmation that I have been subscribed to Airtel Complete Social Blackberry service plan, I removed the SIM from my Nokia phone and inserted it into my Unlocked Glo NetPro modem.

==> I selected the “Airtel BIS” profile from the list of connection names and clicked on “Connect“.

That’s all.

Presently, I am only using it on my PC but am sure you can use the the Airtel BIS to browse on your iPad, iPhone, Android and Nokia phone if you configure them to use the settings above.

I hope this helps.

You can check out the full list of Airtel BB Plans here.

If you don’t know how to create a new profile on your unlocked Glo NetPro internet modem,

==> From your modem dashboard, click on “Tools” then “Options” under which you will now select “Profile Management“.

==> Under Profile Management, click on “New” and enter the settings I shared earlier in this post.

==> Once you’re done creating the profile, click “Save” to save the settings.


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