How to add Blogger/Blogspot blog to Alexa

You can easily claim your Blogspot blog at Alexa by adding some piece of code to your blog’s html. Wondering what Alexa is? Well, you can use Alexa to learn how popular a site is, to find new sites, to learn who owns a site, and a lot more.

Whether you are a web professional trying to size up your online competition, or you’re just trying to find the best website to buy something, Alexa is for you. Alexa has lists of Top Sites available by country, language or in a category.

How do I claim my Blogger/ site?

Log into your Alexa account at ( You can Login with your Facebook account).
Go to and enter your blog address.
Select one of the plans ( probably the Free plan)
Use the “add Alexa verification ID” method to claim your blog and copy the meta tag. Leave this window or tab open.
Log into your blog in a new window or tab
Click onto your Dashboard
Click on the “Design” link
Click on the “Edit HTML” link
Paste your meta tag into the section of the HTML (it’s best to do it on the line after the <head> marker
Click on Save Template
Go back to your Alexa account window or tab and click on the “Verify my ID” button
Your site should now be verified. Click on the “Edit Site Info” button if you wish to update your site’s public contact information.

Note: If you are using the new Blogger 2011 interface follow these instruction to edit your blog HTML:

Log in to your blog
Click on the “Template” link in the left-hand navigation
Click on the “Edit Template HTML” button
Click “Proceed”
Paste the Alexa meta tag just under the “  <head> ” tag
Click the “Save Template” button

That’s all. 

Go to: to check out my blog’s profile on Alexa

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