How To Join Affiliate CPA Networks and Get Accepted With Ease

This is a guest post compiled by +Jaunty NairaCoded for OgbongeBlog

Making money online is both a combination of working hard and working smart, and with the many scam programs online, it is always hard finding a good and concrete method of making money online. One of genuine method which I always recommend is CPA affiliate marketing.

Cost per Action (CPA), which is sometimes known as Cost per Lead or Cost per Conversion is a type of affiliate program where you help promote offers and get paid for a specific action.

For instance, you can be asked to promote an offer where the advertiser pays you when an action is taken, such submitting an email, filling a form or making a purchase. I actually love CPA networks because I get paid for as little as someone submitting their email. is on such CPA networks, and one of my favorite. Maxbounty and Neverblue are also good too. One thing that usually discourages most people from this CPA networks is the difficulty in getting accepted.

It took a while before Peerfly approved my application, but the key factor that got me approved is being honest with them. Peerfly work with some of the world leading brands, and I strongly recommend them. The tips I am going to share works when applying for any CPA network.


First you will have to sign up at their website. You will be asked for your details and basic information which I will strong advice you to fill correctly. You MUST use a valid email and phone number because you will need them for your verification. Remember to include your country prefix. For example +234.

You will also be asked how you intend to promote their offers, and this is one important determinant of whether you will get approved or not. This is because CPA network always want to get quality traffic to their advertisers, so be honest with them. I suggest you choose PPC (pay per click), PPV (pay per view), search engines and social media adverts.

For some CPA networks, there will be an additional column where you will be asked to explain how you intend to use the methods you have mentioned to promote the offers. This is an opportunity to sell yourself and let them know why they need you to help them promote their offers. (Consider this like a job application)

Next you will be asked if you own a website, I strongly suggest that you have at least a blog before applying, although it’s not compulsory, it will give you a better chance of getting approved. I simply typed in one of my self-hosted blog. Most CPA networks consider website owners are serious publishers who can send quality traffic to their advertisers, and when asked if you have been approved into other CPA networks, just answer honestly.

Some CPA networks like Peerfly will ask you to upload a valid ID card showing your picture. They might not consider your application without this ID.


Verification for most CPA networks is similar but can differ slightly. You will be asked to verify the email address you provided by sending you a link. The second verification is through phone calls.

Like I said before, these CPA guys are serious about the quality of people they accept into their networks and will call you to confirm that you are real, and will ask you some question, mostly about how you want to promote their offers.

Alternatively, instead of a phone call, you might be required to provide a code that will be read to you through an automated call machine. I didn’t get a call from Peerfly, just their machine reading out some digit codes to me which I immediately entered on their site.

Here is my little secret;

After submitting my application, I called them to tell them that I applied for their network and that it should be approved. They were nice and they just asked some few questions. You can also add one of the account managers on twitter and tweet them about your application.

When you finally get approved, be careful to follow their guidelines so that you don’t get ban.

I hope this tips helps.

Don’t forget to ask your questions and drop your comments.

This post was written by +Jaunty NairaCoded. He is a blogger, affiliate marketer, SEO coach and author of  NairaCoded blog. Catch him on  FaceBook, Twitter (@nairacoded). 

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. I have get approved by but all the offer links to promote those offers are not going through,
    I copy the url and paste it to Google search engine but I was not directed to the offer landing page,
    Please help me out, how can I go with it?

  2. I think you should don’t waste your time with any network set their restrictions on your signup.
    so I suggest to work with that one which give you the opportunity to start your work, networks like:
    peerfly, maxbounty, …etc will refuse. on the other hand networks like: will agree.

    another important point, don’t waste your time with free traffic sources, start with your:
    vps plan, landing page, ads group with suitable budget.

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