How To Use Glo BIS On PC

Right from the day I published “How I Browse With Glo BIS on iPad“, I have received loads of messages from my friends asking me if they can also use Glo BIS on phones and computers, with their 3G Modems. Well, you can use Glo Blackberry internet on PC and any mobile device that allows you to edit the Access Point (APN).

So, How Do I Browse With Glo BIS On PC?

I assume you have a Glo NetPro or Glo Bolt modem. You can also use any Unlocked 3G modem, though some MTN Fastlink modems might not work with your Glo SIM.

==> Insert the GLO SIM card into any phone

==>  Subscribe to Glo BIS with your Glo SIM.
Text “coweek” to 777 for N400/week plan and text “comonth” to 777 for N1400/month plan.

==> Remove the Glo SIM from the phone and re-insert into your internet modem

==> Plug in your internet modem to your PC

==> From your modem dashboard, click on “Tools” then “Options” under which you will now select “Profile Management“.

==> Under Profile Management, click on “New” and fill it as seen below:

Profile Name : Glo BIS
APN  :
Access number:  *99#
Username : leave blank
Password : leave blank

==> Once you’re done creating the profile, click “Save” to save the settings.

==> Go back to the Connection interface, select “Glo BIS“, from the drop down box, then click “connect“.

That’s all you need to use Glo blackberry subscription on PC.

==> Glo coweek gives you 700MB while  GLO comonth gives you 3Gigs
==> Send STATUS to 777 to check the data balance of your Glo BIS.

I hope this helps.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Weldon Mr Jide.
    I attempted d using d BIS on my system with my modem.
    I was told my subscription was pending activation. But it latter worked, and i used it over9t.
    Later in d mornin, it cease to work any longer, and wen my balance is checked, it still tells me my sub is pending activation, and brings Error 619 on my modem.
    Will i need a blackberry phone 4 d activation or where could i hav missed it!
    Thanks bro.

  2. Yeah Mr Jide ; Can I use the data size(3GB) given to download videos from youtube coz I heard that they used to cut off the user if a particular data size has been used up.

  3. gd day,bros i started using the on my glo bolt,i did all d neccessary things and it worked,but this morning it started showning me an error,,now its not connecting at all,what do i do.

  4. Good day jide,i hv been using the thing for two days,,but this morning my glo bolt started showing this error 'A connection to the remote computer could not be established,so the port used for this connection was closed.''..plz what do i do,i have tried everytin and i still have 2.8gig.

  5. I posted this as a new post but I guess it will be on the last page so, I am doing this for the sake of us all….I am so happy I discovered this trick on time. Few days back the Glo BIS which everybody was enjoying was blocked and it stopped browsing , now am showing you a little tweak and configure that you can use to continue browsing with your Glo BIS on your different computers.


    Step1; Load #400 naira on your glo sim card, send COWEEK TO 777 or Load #1400 naira and send COMONTH TO 777

    Step2; Go to your modem and configure it using the settings below:

    PROFILE NAME: GLO BIS || DIAL NUMBER: *99# || APN(Access point Name): Rim.blackberry. net || USERNAME: Web || PASSWORD: Web

    Set Others to Automatic, Save Your Setting and Connect. Enjoy Your Fast Browsing!!!

    NOTE: some people do subcribe with the #1200 naira method and it was working for them. You can do so too by sending SOMONTH to 777
    some people do subscribe with the BIS Month or BIS Week and it will also work for you too..
    That is what I am using now!! cheesy
    Hope I help….. FB me…

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