How To Use Liberty Reserve To Buy Goods Online

If you have some funds in your Liberty Reserve account and wondering if you can use it to buy goods online e.g electronics, phones etc, YES, you can if you know a reliable online store that will be willing to accept your Liberty Reserve funds, in exchange for their products. Such sites will have a shopping cart for you to easily carry out your transactions.

For you to shop online at any site with LR, the site should have a “Pay with Liberty Reserve” button which on clicking it, will redirect you to a secured Liberty Reserve page where you will log in to your LR account and enter the amount of LR you want to transfer as payment for what you want to buy.

If the fund transfer is successful, the shopping site should be able to send you a confirmation mail, confirming they have received your payment. The email message should also contain info on when you will receive your order.

Any Site To Recommend?


As at the time of publishing this post, I can’t recommend any shopping website that accepts Liberty Reserve because a lot of scammers are now using LR to scam people. Yes, this is very easy for scammers because Liberty Reserve does not request identity and document verification from its account users. That means account owners of liberty reserve are faceless. Anyone can create account on liberty reserve website with correct or wrong information.

Once you make a payment with Liberty Reserve, the money is gone. Hence, if a seller fails to deliver your product(s), you can never get your money back. If you complain to Liberty Reserve support, they won’t reverse the transaction.

Really? Yes

This is why Paypal is better because Paypal can reverse transactions.

So, what can I do with my LR funds?

Instead of looking for where to use your LR funds to shop online, you can use it to trade forex, pay for subscriptions e.g Your-Freedom packages, VPN bundles or use the fund for Liberty Reserve investments. You can exchange it for a local currency, Paypal, AlertPay or any other e-currency. You can also use it in buying Virtual Credit cards. The list is endless. Just be careful and don’t get scammed. If you want to shop online, use your credit card or Paypal.

If you have any experience regarding online shopping with Liberty Reserve, kindly share with us. You can also contribute to this post via the comment form below.

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  1. Please can you shed more light on Liberty Reserve investments. I receive mails on the subject but i consider it a scam. Thanks in advance.

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