Larrie Peniel: Nigerian Master of Ceremonies that Redefines Event Anchoring / Compering

Ever been to an event and you feel pity for the host or organizers because you know they have spent a lot of money on organisation, yet the M.C. makes everything dull and uninteresting?

Have you ever stepped into the venue of an event and you become a lot more confused than you were before you stepped in?

Have you ever had to go for a corporate or social function with the intent of having fun, only to get there and you had to endure the ceremony rather than enjoy it just because the Compѐre/M.C. was lifeless, drab and very dull?

Have you attended a gathering of very distinguished personalities but the Compѐre’s level of spoken English is embarrassingly  lower compared to a Primary 3 student, yet he is attempting to rehearse jokes for his next comedy show, such that guests are more infuriated than engrossed?

Have you gone for a corporate function but the Compѐre is struggling with the pronunciation of the Company name (and members of staff) and still manages to make a mess of the brief/unique company objectives?

Well, if the answer to any or all of the above is Yes, then you are surely not alone in this forgettable experience.

Larrie Peniel, a Nigerian Compѐre who has redefined the art of public speaking and emceeing/anchoring events, comes at a time when many guests are already bored just a few minutes into most events, perhaps silently praying or wishing it will be time for tea break, lunch or dinner, as the case may be.

Well, do not worry anymore, it needn’t be time for food for your event to come alive and that is the reason Larrie is the man to be associated with when it comes to having an enjoyable, memorable, lively and fun-filled event.

Apart from his unique dress style, Larrie engages your guests and makes sure they are part of the function, without taking anything away from the brief or ceremony. He is witty without overly or consciously trying to make people laugh, yet he humorously ensures all the attention does not shift from the organisational objectives of having the event.

Through his engaging style, witty delivery, knack for professionalism and eloquence, respect for etiquette, time consciousness and appearance, Larrie distinguishes himself from the rest of the pack.

He understands no two corporate events or social functions can ever be the same and strives to give a unique flow to your occasion. Larrie Peniel gives professional advice when necessary and assists you to develop a schedule/programme, where none is available.

With over 300 corporate and social events to his credit, Larrie is ready to take the brief of your event and make it come to live, just as you have envisaged. Be it a corporate event such as a Product Launch, Convention, Company ball and Award, Investiture, Seminar, Fund-raising and Conference or a social function such as a Wedding, Party, Team-Bonding, Anniversary and End-of-Year Party; whatever the occasion may be, Larrie Peniel is the man to make it very memorable for you.

He has a Masters degree in Management with specialisation in corporate communication.

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