MTN Smooth Talk Migration Code

If you would like to migrate to the new MTN Smooth talk tariff plan from any plan including the MTN Family and Friends, simply text 401 to 131 or dial the MTN Smooth Talk code: *401#. NGN5.00 will immediately be deducted from your account and you can now start enjoying 20kobo/sec  for your MTN2MTN calls and  20kobo/sec  for your MTN2Other calls.

What is MTN Smooth Talk?

The MTN Smooth Talk is a special prepaid package that offers you discounted call rate of 20k/s for your MTN2MTN and MTN2Other calls after you pay a daily access fee of NGN5.00. Your daily access fee expires after 24hours and before it expires, you will receive a pre-expiry notification message to either accept automatic renewal by ignoring the message or reject automatic renewal by sending OFF to 131.

If you ignore the message, your subscription will be renewed automatically as soon as your subscription expires and have enough airtime in your account. If you send OFF to 131, your subscription will not be renewed after expiry and your MTN2MTN calls will then be charged at 20kobo/sec and MTN2Other networks at 30kobo/sec after expiry.

Codes for MTN Smooth Talk

==> Migration Code : *401#

==> To cancel automatic renewal : OFF to 131

==> To renew subscription : *401*1# or ON to 131

==> To view Subsription status: *401*2#

==> Balance check : *556#

I am really impressed with this plan especially for making it possible to opt out of the daily access fee. I hope to see other networks react to this soonest, with cheaper plans.

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