Price and Where I bought My Samsung Solar Mini Laptop in Nigeria

In one of my previous posts, I shared a review of the Samsung NC 215, a netbook that also runs on solar power, as alternative to electricity. I just bought one for myself and decided to share with you the price and where you can get the Samsung Solar mini laptop in Nigeria.

Well, I bought it for N64, 900 at Gafunk Limited ( .  You can check out the sales page of the mini laptop at Gafunk here.  (Price might change as time passes by).

Gafunk can deliver it to you wherever you are in Nigeria. I paid extra N3, 000 for it to be sent to me from Lagos to Benue state. It was sent to me via Silver Travels and I picked it up at their motor park.

Hence, if their offices are far from you, you can just talk to them on the phone to ask if the product is available. If available, get their bank details, pay in and get back to them after payment. They will arrange how it will get to you.

The Samsung netbook has a lid entirely covered by a solar panel which harnesses solar power and contributes to an overall estimated battery life between 8 – 14.5 hours.

You can read more about the Samsung Solar laptop here.

You can also check out Samsung offices here.

Feel free to ask me questions about this Samsung mini laptop.


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