Printivo Store Lets You Sell Print Products Online In Nigeria

Printivo Store is a designer market place where everyone can create and sell designs on print products and earn 15% royalties on their designs.

Designers can create customizable design templates on products like business cards, letterheads, flyers and branded merchandise products like mugs, iPhone cases, mouse pads and T-shirts. Designers don’t have to move a needle. Printivo will print, ship, manage the customer and handle returns. Just design away and start earning.

Let’s say there is an upcoming social event and participants won’t mind paying for a branded tshirt they can wear during the event. You can create a store on Printivo, add the design for the tshirt and send everyone the store’s link. Participants can then buy directly from the Printivo store before and even after the event while Printivo take away the need to invest your own money and resources. Printivo will handle printing, shipping and customer service while you earn 15% on all sales made on the store. A win-win for everyone.

printivo store for creative designers

Printivo Store Ideas

Below are examples of what can be done with Printivo Store

  • To graduating students who are used to forcing and canvassing everyone to contribute for class t-shirts, face caps etc, It’s the store where everyone can easily order their own graduating T-shirts and other merchandise.
  • To the designer who wants to earn more, it’s an additional source of income where he can sell templates for products like business cards, letterheads, flyers etc.
  • To communities and movements, it’s the best way to get the word out and earn by selling print merchandise to members and followers.
  • To religious associations and fellowships, it’s a great way to share God’s words through print and get members to buy.

You can get inspiration from Mamalette Printivo Store and other stores mentioned in this Printivo blog post.

new dad tshirt template

How To Create Printivo Store

Creating your own print store is easy.

  • Visit to create your own store. Customize your store with your banners and logos.
  • Setup up your bank payment information (This is where your earnings will be sent to). Always follow the money.
  • Start adding designs to your store using Printivo design tool. Learn more about how to add designs here.
  • Starting sharing your store and product links across social media platforms. Email your store’s link to friends. Share it on Whatsapp. Tell everyone about your store.
  • Log into your dashboard to monitor your sales and activities on your store. Easily transfer your earnings into your bank account with one click.
printivo payment

The next time you have a great idea, a meme, a new trend. Think of how much you can make selling them on print merchandise.

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