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Shogun Page Builder Lets You Build Landing Pages for Shopify, Bigcommerce Without Coding

Shogun Page Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop store builder for Shopify and Bigcommerce.

Thankfully, you don’t need to hire a professional developer for every landing page (where the customer first lands on your site). Now your whole team can launch and a/b test landing pages, blog, and product pages — or even entire stores — all without code.

The Shogun Landing Page Shopify App is a great solution for building visually stunning and professional-looking landing pages.

Once Shogun is integrated with your Shopify store, you can create beautiful pages with just a few clicks via a powerful drag-and-drop interface. The intuitive interface makes it easy to add layers and elements any way you like.

The Section elements in Shogun allow you to structure any landing page with vertical segments in any format, from content to media.

And each section acts as a container, so you can visually segment information on your landing pages from the hero image, benefits content, testimonials, opt-in form, videos and more.

A number of elements are available that can be placed in each section with a click.

elements you can add in shogun landing page builder for shopify

With Shogun’s Landing Page Shopify App, you can also include product fields including collections, a product gallery, variants, quantities and an add to cart button.

Once you’re finished with creating and editing your custom landing page in Shogun, just click the “Save” and “Publish” buttons and your landing page will go live on your integrated Shopify store.

shogun landing page builder for shopify and bigcommerce

Shogun Landing Page Builder Shopify App Features

Easy to Use Editor
  • Customize your pages with our easy to use “drag and drop” editor. No coding required!
  • Works with your existing theme. Keep your theme’s styling, and build a completely custom page layout using the shogun editor
  • Mobile Responsive by default, with the ability to create unique experience based on screen size.
​Pre-Designed Page Templates
  • Increase sales with the library of 30+ professionally designed page templates!
  • Page templates for: landing pages, home pages, product pages and blog pages.
  • Measure page performance with a visual analytics suite that monitors key metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, sessions, and form submits.
  • Compare pages against each other to see how their metrics differ.
AB Testing
  • Optimize your page conversion rate with AB testing. Easily build different variants of the same page.
  • Run AB tests to see which variant produces a higher conversion rate for key metrics like sales, add to carts, bounce rate, sessions, and form submits.
  • Control how long campaigns run for, and how many of your visitors see the test.

Be among leading brands like MVMT, Chubbies, Leesa, BeardBrand, and K-Swiss that use Shogun’s tools daily.

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