Spot.IM Social Network Integration Widget for Blogger and WordPress Blogs

Spot.IM is the creator of the first “everywhere” social network, empowering website owners and publishers to turn their websites into a social network driven by their own content where members can chat, share links, photos etc.

Within 5 minutes, you can host on your blog, a vivid, live community with almost zero effort just by integrating the widget.

Once you successfully create your spot and integrate your blog with, the widget will appear at the corner of your site, via which your blog readers can easily join, start talking about your site content and get to know each other in live conversation. Two users can also have private conversation by making use of the “directSpot” feature.

Once you’ve created a Spot you are automatically assigned as the Spot’s host. As the host of the community, you can delete a user’s message or kick a user out of your spot. Spot.IM also provides the option of blocking all external links (links not leading to pages on your site) on your Spot.

Users can  also report a message or another user, after 4 reports the message will be automatically deleted or the user will be automatically kicked. app for Android and iOS allows spot hosts to converse with their users on the go. So, if you really want to keep up with happenings in your spot, ensure you download and make use of the mobile app.


How To Integrate With WordPress and Blogger Blog

To get started, you need to go to, click on the Get Spot.IM now button  and sign in to Spot.IM via your preferred social network to create a user profile.

Thereafter, choose your Spot’s name and design it according to the branding of your website. With a logo and color to match, a category that best describes your Spot and so on.

Once completed, you will be presented with a code you can embed on your site.

For blogspot users, copy and paste the code in HTML/Javascript gadget and you’re good to go.

For WordPress users, install the WordPress plugin. You will have to enter your spot id in the settings of the installed plugin. You will get the id by clicking on the “For WordPress users” button on your spot management dashboard.

Once it’s live on your site, you can edit and moderate your spot via your spot management dashboard. You can also make use of the app for Android and iOS  to converse with their users on the go.

You can see sample spot live at :

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