Things You Must Know Before You Travel

Just before you travel, hold your horse. This is the season where many are quick to jump on the next flight to their dream vacation spot.

Afterall, what is summer for, if not to go experience the radiance of the sun on some isolated beach and do some adventurous stuff, they may ask? You’ll be very right to want to do all these things but have you done these 5 things first?

  1. Choose a location – Where do you really want to go? Some people are cajoled into travelling to a new country they earlier had no plans of going to. Perhaps a group of friends have planned to go to Morocco and because you think it’ll be a good idea to go with them, you jump on it. While there is nothing wrong with being spontaneous, you have to be sure this is a decision you won’t regret even for a moment when you return. If this summer you really wanted to go to Kenya, then say no to your bunch of friends and choose to go to Kenya! Morocco can wait.
  2. Research – Now that you have chosen a desired location, it’s time to research. Which summer sale is currently on? There are available cheap flights to your desired vacation spot, quickly check them out. Will you be staying in a hotel or airbnb? Surf for great hotel or airbnb deals not too far from the airport. However if you choose to stay a little far away from the airport, be sure to check the transport systems/networks around there. Read reviews about the kind of food served there. It’s great to experiment, but it’s even greater to have a fore knowledge of what is available and what other people who have gone there before you thought of it. Especially other Nigerians. Research tourists spots and how to get there, what it costs and prepare yourself.
  3. Plan your finances – It’s very very important that you have a budget and work very strictly with it. There have been many cases of people travelling and getting stranded in a foreign land. It’s embarrassing to say the least. So plan, plan and plan. Before you choose to travel for summer, it is expected that you have saved up a sum. Even if you earn really well and funds would never be your problem, it’s still responsible to have a financial plan for your summer. How much would you want to spend on flights? Accommodation? Food? Tours? Make a list of what you want to do and with your research, you should know how much you’ll be expected to spend in total. Add a bit for some unexpected expenses and then work with your laid out budget.
  4. Document – Nigerians are very good at documenting almost all of their experiences. From taking a taxi to recording an accident, to going back to bed, they almost always take a selfie. While many have complained that this habit could be detrimental, it’s totally allowed to document every part of your travel process. It’ll come in handy for future processes, in help to someone else, or simply for the fun of relieving old memories. So get a camera to travel with and take all the selfies it can allow! You have our permission.
  5. How to recoup – Not many people make plans for how to recoup monies spent on such a trip. Be different. Make a plan. If you’re a 9-5er, thenit’s almost easier as you just expect to recoup after a month or two of working. If you’re an entrepreneur, you have to decide on how best to work back the money and recoup. Make investments before you leave so that while you’re away, some money is working for you. Don’t make the mistake of coming back to an empty bank account.

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Were these tips helpful? Drop a comment on what else you think should be noted before you make that trip.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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