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Unionpay App Lets You Enjoy Secure and Easy Mobile Payment Services

The UnionPay App is a mobile payment product developed by China UnionPay (known as CUP or UPI internationally) to allows users enjoy secure and easy mobile payment services. The app integrates the mobile payment functions, special services and benefits of various banks and institutions, providing secure and convenient one-stop mobile payment services for its users.

With the UnionPay App, users can easily link and manage all sorts of bank accounts and access mobile payment offerings of different banks including QR payment, card- not-present payment, transfer, Mobile QuickPass, and transit QR code. The UnionPay Application also has a selection of benefits and privileges for users.

If you travel to China, can use the UnionPay mobile Application upon arrival, to view localized offerings and make QR payments and in-app purchases online or in-store, which will facilitate your daily life, travel, education, and communication abroad, and all these comes with a large number of merchant discounts.

With the “UnionPay” app, users can conveniently activate UnionPay mobile QuickPass function and then make tap-and-go payments at over 4.4 million POS terminals in 51 countries and regions outside mainland China (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Russia, The United Arab Emirates, Greece, etc.). In addition, users can make scan-and-go payments in 33 countries and regions outside mainland China (in Asia Pacific, North America, South Pacific, Central Asia, Africa, North America).

UnionPay mobile payment service is enabled on many leading international payment platforms, supporting tuition payment and day-to-day use cases covering utility payment, food ordering, hotels bookings etc

UnionPay App Download

You can download unionpay china app in app store and other android application markets.

Alternatively, you can scan unionpay QR code to download the unionpay wallet app on your mobile device.

After scanning the code, you will be redirected to a web page where you can download unionpay app apk file.

If you want unionpay app english version, click or tap on the “english” tab on the unionpay app download page.

If you want to download unionpay app for iPhone, you can check the apple app store to see if it is available for download in your region.

How To Get Unionpay QR Code

You can get unionpay qr code from unionpay website.

unionpay app download for mobile banking

How To Activate UnionPay Mobile App

  • Download unionpay mobile app as explained earlier
  • Select “Me”
  • Select “Register”
  • Register with your mobile phone number Enter SMS verification code
  • Set login password
  • Select ‘+’ in ‘Cards’ to either enter unionpay debit card number or scan bank cards
  • Fill in personal information
  • Enter SMS verification code
  • Type in and confirm your payment password.

That’s all.

Unionpay QR Code Payment

Mobile banking UnionPay QR code refers to scanning or generating a UnionPay standard QR code through BOC mobile banking for payment.

Customers need to download the BOC mobile banking app, scan the UnionPay QR code or generate a UnionPay international QR code through the ‘Scan’ function, then they can make payments at nearly 31 million merchants in about 45 countries and regions around the world.

Besides, the App users can use UnionPay mobile QuickPass at over 11 million POS terminals in 92 countries and regions including Japan, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Russia.

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