Universal Software for Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria

If you are already into the recharge card business or just a newbie looking for a UNIVERSAL software for printing recharge cards in Nigeria, then, you can check out the netdivo epin manager.

It’s no more a secret that for you to be able to print recharge cards, you will need to install a recharge card printing software on a computer for you to be able to print e-pins ( which you will be buying from some epin dealers in nigeria) on white papers.

Though, the recharge card printing business is no more as lucrative as it was some years back, nevertheless, you can still be making money from the business. If you do not have much capital, I will advise you to buy already-printed ones and resell instead of stressing yourself to print by yourself.

There are different types of airtime voucher printing softwares out there been provided by different recharge card dealers in Nigeria. With a UNIVERSAL recharge card printing software, you will be able to print vouchers irrespective of the dealer where you buy the epins from.

There is one dealer in Lagos who will just INSTALL their universal software for you, for N10, 000. You will have to take your computer down to their office for it to be installed on your computer and they will NOT give you the software. Just Imagine that!

Today, I have decided to give out the Universal software I and other sub-dealers use in printing recharge vouchers.

You can download netdivo epin manager to get started asap.

The recharge card printing software lets you easily recharge cards of all networks in Nigeria i.e MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile and you can also add your name or business name on the printed recharge cards. It also allows you to print up to 40 recharge cards per sheet of plain or customized paper.

Requirements for Printing Recharge Card In Nigeria

You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge cards with netdivo epin manager at :

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. if this is not as lucrative as before and one by your advice should have much money. so like how much can i start with. how can have or know the prices of these e-pins. do your company sell these pins. is there any other business that is lucrative you can mentor me into.

  2. Good afternoon sir.. I want to ask how we can get dealer and there contact address and phone number.. Because I want to start the business of printing recharge card

  3. good morning Sr iam from Benue state I want to start recharge card printing business so Sr like how much should I prepare with and gets epins for MTN AIRTEL and GLO just Sr pls guide me on what to do pls or mentor into another business if this one is no more lucrative again

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