Where To Buy Cheap Blackberry Phones

If you are looking for where to get cheap blackberry phones, I have some suggestions for you. This blog post will let you know where can find cheap blackberry phones for sale.
If you see someone wanting to sell a cheap Blackberry phone to you, it will either be a fairly used blackberry phone or a stolen blackberry phone. To avoid buying a stolen blackberry phone, it is safer buying a fairly used blackberry from a reputable store.

There are many stores where you can buy cheap blackberry in Nigeria which I cannot list here. Nevertheless, my suggestions below, hopefully will be of help:

1. Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

The Computer Village in Lagos Nigeria is a must-go for you if you are in need of anything related to technology in Nigeria. You can get mobile phones, tablets, printers, cameras etc right there. You have to be careful though,  to avoid been duped by some guys who hawk phones etc in the Computer village.

If you are newbie to the Village, you can ask any of the guys there to direct you to a reputable store where you can buy cheap blackberry phone. There are many guys that will be willing to assist you, though you must be ready to compensate them with some bucks thereafter. DO NOT buy from those hawking on the street.

Make sure you test your fairly used blackberry very well and collect a receipt. You can check out other precautions I talked about when I shared the price of UK used blackberry phones in Nigeria.

2.  GSM Village, Airport Bus stop, Lagos, Nigeria

This is also also a place you can visit to see lots of stores where you can buy your cheap mobile devices.

3. Google Trader

You can use the search box at Google Trader website to search for people that have cheap blackberry phones for sale in Nigeria. If you search for “cheap blackberry“, you will see loads of results you can scan through. You have to be careful though and will advise you to do a one on one transaction unless you are dealing with a company you can really trust.

4. DealFish Nigeria is a trusted online marketplace you can also search for cheap unlocked blackberry phones in Nigeria. There is also a search box on the site which you can use.

I hope these helps…

If you have more suggestions, kindly share them using the comment from below.

If you want to buy original, new Blackberry phones in Nigeria, Check SLOT, Ikeja.


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