Where To Repair Samsung Android Phones in Nigeria

At a Samsung Service Centre,  you can get your Samsung related complaints resolved, buy Samsung products and even get your Samsung phones repaired by Samsung technicians.
If you have a Samsung phone, whose warranty is still valid and needs to be fixed, please visit a Samsung Service Centre instead of giving it to someone else to repair for you.  This will save you a lot of money.
On submission of your phone at a Samsung repair centre, you will be told if your warranty has been forfeited or still valid. You will go home with a signed form containing details of your phone, as a proof that you have submitted your phone for repair at the Service Centre.  The form is what you will have to provide whenever you return there to pick up your phone.
Within 3-working days, you will receive a phone call from a Samsung rep, informing you how much it will cost you to get your phone fixed and if they should go ahead with the repair. If you inform them to go ahead, you will receive another call once fixed. Thereafter, you will have to go back to the service centre with your money to pickup your phone. 
So, Where is Samsung Service Centre in Nigeria?
Below is the address of the Samsung Service Centre I went to when I wanted to repair my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos:
Samsung Service Centre
21, Saka Tinubu
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
I hope this helps.
If you have ever been to a Samsung Service Centre, please share your experience.  
If you have questions to ask or know other addresses  of  Samsung Service Centres in Nigeria, please use the comment form below.
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  1. Thanks a lot for this info but do you have idea if someone can pick up the phone for me should in case am not chanced to go and pick it up by the time they call me?

  2. Hello Everyone
    I am from India and using Samsung Galaxy Y. Some days ago, I went to Samsung Service Centre, as my phone was fallen in water. And they checked that, and told me that the phone touch and jack are destroyed and have to replace these. I said okay coz my phone was under warranty. But they told me that they would charge me 4000/-. As it was near the half amount of new phone’s price. Then I went to another service centre and they told me to charge 1600/-. So I gave my phone to them as they were charging less amount then first one. But my some of friends told me that they have charged me unnecessarily. Because if our any product is under warranty, the company pay for their repair. So I contacted the centre for same but they didn’t respond me for my issue. So, I filed my complaint in Consumer Court. I just hope for great help from their side as soon as possible. I just shared my experience to aware you guys. I hope it worked.

  3. for me,i feel so so sad usin samsungs product…….av taken my fone to deeir centre heree in ibadan nd 4 over 2mmonths nau,yet no sign of even repairin it..why??…rilli dissapointed…pls m beggin dose in charge 2 pls supply dem wt d screen for samsung galaxy core..i nid my fone 4 Gods sake…i av so many works done deir nd nau dey makin all my efforts fruitless…….feel so embittered against dem

    • Please have you gotten your phone back? My Galaxy core got broken too. I was at the warranty centre at UI but they didn't have the screen on ground. Did they fix your phone and how much did it cost?

  4. a patient gave me a gift of a samung 19500 about 3 moths ago and I activated the accidental damage handling (ADH) warranty and received a text confirming it on the 3rd of October. the phone had a cracked screen few days ago. took it to the Yaba service center only to be told by the female attendant that the warranty did not cover accidental damage even despite showing her the text from Samsung. She even told me I should not have sent the activation text to Samsung, that the ADH was not for duos. To repair she said I had to pay 30,000 (for a phone that now costs 56,000). You should just be careful when Nigerian dealers offer you warranty

  5. Poor customer service. My s4 been and still is there two months down the line under full warranty – as its is still not ready. s5 has come into the picture already. You call them and they tell you they will call back ..never call back . Make it seem as if they are doing me a favour- really disappointed with their service. Every time i go there it seems everyone is complaining. Hope they change this soon as this rate its as good as having no customer service at all. 🙁

  6. i bought a samsung grand 2 on 3rd of Aug 2014 after like 2 months it develop fault (temperature high, it won't come on for several hours, hanging). I could not get the time to take it until about 4 months later but during this time it fell and the touch pad not screen got broken only to be told to pay N13,500 (35% of the cost of new phone) to get it fix at Samsung service center (old Philip company) at Ojota bus stop in lagos.
    I had to take it home.

  7. Hello,please is there any samsung office within VI and Lekki axis? Secondly I need battery for tab 2 how much will it cost me to buy and the fixing?

  8. My Samsung S6 Edge the screen had two colours pink and green nd battery the back cover is bad but it hav never been open how do i repair it when is Warranty time

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