YourFreedom Free Browsing – What does “authentication not valid for your country” mean?

If you are a Nigerian that has been using the Your-Freedom software for free browsing via MTN, ZAIN,
ETISLAT, GLO etc ,I bet that you would have come accross the error message “authentication not valid for your country” while trying to connect atimes, hence, you will be thinking your free browsing cheat aint working anymore or has been blocked without knowing that the problem is with the Your-Freedom software. I tried to find out why this happens and have decided to share my findings with you.

Below is what the company that owns the YOUR-FREEDOM software said about the issue.

We do not permit FreeFreedom users from Nigeria on many of our servers. If you are being told by the server that your authentication is not valid for the country you are connecting from, then this is why. Please use other servers, writing to support about it is no good at all.

Why do we do it? Because we’ve got a problem with SPAM. While we are filtering SPAM sent via SMTP very effectively (because it’s possible) there is nothing we can do about a new way of sending SPAM: through vulnerable web mail servers via HTTPS. How do you block malicious access to a server that you don’t control and that you don’t even know? We cannot look into the connection (that’s what SSL is all about!) so we don’t see what is going on. We only learn about the latest SPAM flood when our providers receive notifications that an IP address in their network is a source of SPAM, and of course they don’t take it friendly. So far we’ve been able to avoid further measures by the providers but this won’t go on forever.

Right, you might say, but what has it got to do with FreeFreedom users from Nigeria? The simple and sad-but-true answer is: because ALL the SPAM is sent by FreeFreedom users from Nigeria. No paid-for accounts, no other country. Whenever we receive a note from a provider and trace it back (we keep one-way hashes of connection details for short periods so we can trace back SPAM and other abuse, but we haven’t got logs telling us what people do), and we receive lots of these notes, we end up in Nigeria. Therefore, blocking

FreeFreedom users from Nigeria is the only selective means of PROACTIVELY blocking the SPAM. Blocking it REACTIVELY (by disabling user accounts and/or client installations) just isn’t good enough — we do that as well.Unjust? Yes. Clan liability? Yes, certainly. Self-defense? YES. We hate doing it but there’s no other way. We have received many suggestions, for example

* threaten them on the web page — we do that already, no effect

* find them and kick them out — we do that already, but new spammers emerge daily

* send email to all Nigerian users, telling them to stop — this would make us spammers too and we don’t spam; besides, it won’t help at all

* detect the spamming and disable accounts automatically — not possible, this is what SSL is all about

* “tell me and I’ll do all I can about it” — yeah, sure

* set up some kind of white-listing — not feasible, way too much work that no-one pays for; and who would you put on it besides yourself?

* block their IPs — the whole country is behind just a handful (literally) IP addresses — how are we supposed to do it? All of them are being used for spamming.

Please, do not send the same suggestions in other words to support. It is a waste of time for all of us………………

If this is the case now, am sure what you will now want to ask me is ” what is the way foward ? ” .

Well, the best solution is to UPGRADE your freedom account to at least, the BASIC PACKAGE. Nevertheless, if you just want to try your cheat codes as a Free user, try the ems03, ems04, ems18 servers and you should be fine. These servers currently accept FreeFreedom users from Nigeria. If you are still encountering any problem, feel free to let me know through the COMMENT FORM below this post.

In my future posts, I will be writing about how to upgrade your freedom account, why your freedom login is been refused atimes even if you use new userames/password , whether buying a package will make your
connection faster amongst other workarounds you need to know about the YOUR-FREEDOM software.

So, for you not to miss those and and also my future free ebooks, freebies,articles and be getting them right
inside your email inbox even when you are not on the internet, kindly go to and enter your email. Once
entered, you will have to check your email for a confirmation email containing a confirmation link. Once you
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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