Indian Web Proxy Download: Version 3.2 ( Updated to version 4.1)

In one of my previous posts, I shared the download link of India web Proxy but the link seems to be broken. While surfing the net as usual, I came across what seems to be the new website of the IWP developers, hence I decided to share with you today.

You can now download the Indian Web Proxy version 4.1 from

To be able to use the indian web proxy you need to create a username and password which will be used to asign your monthly subscription, the intereting thing about the latest IWAP is that you can now get unlimited bandwith for one month for as low as $9...thanks to Johnson Ebedo of for this update.

You can now download the Indian Web Proxy version3.2 from You will have to register at the site for you to be able to use the software. You will get the software from the website, as well as the server list.  The settings have already been explained at

I hope this short info helps...

If you have anything to say, kindly make use of the comment from below.

I decided to share this info with you for educational purpose ONLY.

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  1. This new version kinda makes more sense than the older version. Will give it a try

  2. pls how does this india web proxy work.

  3. @jide, can u sell me liberty reserve? i want to pay for the iwp.

  4. Anonymous1/11/2011

    how can i get it..

  5. But i register on we-tunnel i did not see any message to my box and I re-register it said the email have registered b4...Pls what Can i do?

  6. Anonymous3/07/2011

    who can send me the setup file of INDIA WEB PROXY into my email box cos i cant download it send it at

  7. Anonymous7/27/2011

    This proxy java software is only compatible with 32bit OS and i use 64bit OS

  8. Anonymous9/15/2011

    Teach you o configure your own proxy for 10 $ Liberty reserve

  9. Anonymous10/10/2011

    it is a joke abi? signing up on indian web proxy subscription for $9 a month

  10. Anonymous11/17/2011

    these people are funny, $9 kor 9kobo ni..

  11. pls i need a manual for changing blogspot to dot com much does will it cost me.07030439155.thanks

  12. Anonymous3/14/2013

    how to configure indiana web proxy for TELMA in Madagascar ?

    thanks !


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