10 Ways to Make Money In Nigeria In 2011

The clock is ticking towards 2011. As for me, I am fully ready for it, how about you? Just ask yourself. Whether you are ready for it or not, in this post, I am sharing with you, 10 ways you can make money in Nigeria, come 2011. There are of course more than 10, just bare with me

Note: The 10 ways am sharing with you demands more than just desire. They require action and dedication. More so, they will make you money for sure but might NOT GET YOU RICH OVERNIGHT. You may also suggest your money making ideas as well using the comment form below this post.
1. Information Marketing
As an Information marketing consultant, you will be making money providing solutions to people’s problem. The solutions might be packaged in forms of ebook, videos etc. 
Anywhere you find yourself, people keep looking for information and so, Information Marketing is one of the best paying businesses in the world that anyone can start with little or no cash. If you doubt this, ask yourself, why Google search is so popular. What happens if someone searches Google for a solution to his/her problem and got directed to a blog/website where you sell an ebook that provides solution to the problem? Just think about it.

From How to Bake Cakes, How to Get Ladies Phone Numbers easily, How to make money, How to find jobs, How to design blogs/websites, How to lose weight, health to relationship issues, there are vast areas for you to write about.
You can start this business from the comfort of your home even leveraging on a free blog and free social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter where you can easily promote your stuffs for free. I do make good money from Information marketing, hence you can always contact me for more info.
If you have an idea you would like to put in an ebook to sell and don’t have the skills to write the ebook, design the ebook cover, write the sales page, then, CONTACT ME and I will get it done for you at a cheap price and you will never regret doing so.

2.  Graphic Design/ Branding/ Gift Items

Political parties and election candidates will need branding materials, come 2011. They will be willing to give gifts, as a means of  spreading their manifestos. Their sponsors, parties etc will be having a large demand for branding items in the form of  Handkerchiefs, T-shirts, Caps, Pens, Wrist bands etc. Hence, if you are good with graphic design and knows how to go about the printing business, then, you will be good to go.  
If you do not posses this skill but have passion for it, you can still go ahead to learn it. You can start this business from home with even no money by locating who need the items and are prepared to pay for them.

3. Online Services

Whether it be for SEO, logo designing, web/blog designing, blog monetization or whatever, starting your own online service can be profitable, and if you get enough good reviews, it can be a constant source of income and become sort of like a work at home job. The more people that get to know about your services, the more the money you stand to be making from rendering such services.

I keep making money building websites/blogs for people, redesigning bad looking websites/blogs, optimizing websites/blogs for SEO, etc Even, some people keep paying me, just for me to help them unlock their fastlink and other 3G modems. No matter what, Just Do it and you will still see some people that will trust you and pay you for the service you might render to them.

4. Catering services

Come 2011, if you know how to cook and serve good food, you will surely be making money rendering catering services. The busy men/women that always have to leave for their respective offices as early as possible, do not have the time to prepare meals for themselves and their families. Therefore you can take over this role as a professional, preparing and delivering food, thereby making extra cash for yourself.

5. Start a Training School/ Educational Consultancy

Got a skill that you can excel in teaching others? Students are willing to attend and even pay to acquire diverse skills. If you become a reputable coach, money will be flowing in. Like all things, build it from scratch and build from the bottom up.

Come 2011, many students will be taking the UTME, WAEC, NECO exams. if you can provide consultancy services in form of registrations , tutorial lessons, then, you will surely be making money come next year.

I have a friend that started his Computer Training school after his NYSC service using one computer in his house. When he started, he used to train 2 people at a time with scheduled time of training for different sets. Right now, he now has a big classroom with many computers and have turned this to his permanent work.  You can train people on different things not compulsory you train them on how to use computers.

No matter where you are, there will still be some people with in your locality that will be willing to pay in return to learn something..Sit down, think and ask yourself questions….

6. Event Management/ Decor

You can make a living off event management come 2011 if you are well organized, and know how to plan and manage good occasions like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries to corporate launching of products/services.

7. Organize Seminars

There are a lot of people out there willing to attend seminars to simply learn new stuffs or just to acquire more skills. You don’t even have to be rich to organize seminars. I have a friend that started making money organizing seminars using primary school classrooms. Right now,  he has stepped up to the extent that he now uses Hotels for his seminars. In as much as you have a skill you believe people will love to learn or you have info products you believe people will love to have and know how they work, then you are good to go.

8. Religious Services

Come 2011, more people will be needing the services of Men of God and even the Some people will be looking for people that can pray for them or perform miracles in their life, in order for 2011 to be favorable to them. Hence, if you can provide such services, you will surely be making some money for yourself, come next year.

9. Real Estate Management

Come 2011, more people will be needing accommodation, offices etc If  people can consult you with regards to his, then you will making money for yourself, next year.

10. Become BulkSMS Consultant

There are many troubled business owners who just want that cheap and reliable way of marketing their products/services to people, but just don’t know how to go about it. There are plenty of politicians who would be ready to pay you if you can help them spread their campaign messages directly to their target audience.

There are lots of churches, mosques, clubs, organizations that will pay you if you can help them send customize text messages to thousands of people at a price cheaper than phone to phone text messaging. With Customize, BulkSMS, you can get all those done and be making steady income from it.

The BulkSMS business is here to stay and is the cheapest and most reliable way of passing any info to thousands of people with just a click of a button.  You do not need to have a website before you can start making money from the business. Let say you buy 1000sms for N2000 (price changes) from OgbongeSMS (My BulkSMS website) and you charge your client N5/sms to text 1000 people, this means you will be making N3000 profit within 5 minutes of sending a text message to a thousand people with a click of a button. If you can keep doing this for different people/businesses/churches, weekly, can you estimate how much you
will be making monthly?

To get started, I have BulkSMS proposal letters you can customize with your name and submit to churches, schools, businesses etc and start making money for yourself. You can get the proposal letters at a very cheap price, If interested, text “SMS Proposal Letters07062918898…Just think and Grow Rich……..

I hope this article helps….

If you have anything to say,ask or you know other money making ideas to share, kindly make use of the comment form below.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. What a great write up! Thanks for sharing this info. This is what some people would have packaged in an ebook and charge so high for it all in the name of a SECRET. God will keep blessing you as you keep helping Nigerians. I hope to make more money for myself via the Catering, Event decor services. I will contact you with regards to the bulkSMS stuff. Thanks

  2. Great article bro. Quite interesting.. was smiling when reading it especially where you mentioned "Magicians". True talk because some people will be looking for Magic rings etc from those indian magicians… I love your blog ooo. Keep it up!

  3. Nice post Jide. You are truly pointing Nigerians to the right direction. Folks, the keyword here is action, action and action. Don't just read, take action immediately. Don't fold your arm waiting for manna to fall from heaven, it doesn't fall anymore. Remember that the difference between a poor person and a rich person is the application of the right information at the right time. In addition to the 10 ways, you can make it big here in Nigeria if you venture into foodstuff business. Check out @Jide, keep the flag flying, more tips to your brain lol..

  4. But you will get the motivation to do so once you
    see some money coming in. Or, you can do fewer and
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    probably looking for something that is not only legitimate
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