How I Make €372.29 (N70, 000+) From Google Adsense in January 2011

It is no more news that you can make money via Google Adsense by promoting Google Ads on your blog or website. I have been doing this for a while now and I am glad that I am now making good money from it even while I am busy at work and even while sleeping at nights. Interesting..right?

Well, making money from Adsense is not easy at all. Trust me. I could still remember how many months it took me before I could earn just 10 dollars, but here I am today, all praises to Almighty God though.

One of my wishes for 2011, is to be making more than €300 per month from Google Adsense alone and am glad the year started on a bright note for me, making  €372.29 (N70, 000+ in Nigerian currency) in 30 days.

Breakdown of January 2011, Adsense Earnings

Adsense for Content  =  €352.74
Adsense for Domains =  €0.71
Adsense for Search  =    €3.14
Adsense for Feeds  =     €15.70
Total                      =     €372.29

Looking at the breakdown, you will see that most of the earnings came from “Adsense for content“. This is as a result of the 6 different Google ads on my blog.  Earning from “Adsense for Domain” is very poor because I DON’T ADVERTISE my Adsense for domain website nor send traffic to it. I don’t do this because it is against Google’s TOS and I always like playing safe as I am not interested in making billions overnight.

It is okay to me, to make €3.14 from searches my blog visitors queried via the search box on my blog and also glad to make €15.70 from my blog subscribers that read my blog posts in their email and feed readers.
The more subscribers your blog has, the more money you stand to be making from Google “Adsense for feeds“.  Below are snapshots from my account:

Instead of wasting all your time online, why not devote part of it to something tangible like this and be making money while at work or even sleeping. If you are still jobless, you can be making some money for yourself while searching for that dream job of yours. I started this blog of mine while I was preparing for my NYSC service and I am glad to see it growing everyday. Just think and grow rich.

If you want to start making money from Google Adsense, get yourself a blog and start blogging about things you will always want to write about and share with your friends. Don’t ever think you can start your blog today and start making money tomorrow. You might not even make a dime in the next 6 months if you are not ready to really learn how it works and what you really need to be doing.

Well, I might hold a seminar sometime before the year runs out but till then, you can get “3 Google Adsense Ebooks” from me for just N1000.  These 3 ebooks, together with my support will set you on the right path. If interested, text “Adsense” to 07062918898.

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In my future posts,  I will share with you, more Google Adsense, Google Adwords tips/tutorials. So, SUBSCRIBE to this blog now if you don’t want to miss them, even if I post them here, when you are not online.




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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. woooooooooooow!!!!!….am blushing. You really deserve this bro and wont even be surprised if you are making more than this because you are indeed a serious blogger. Your blog is loaded and worths it. I hope one day, I will be like you.

  2. Jide was the first Nigerian blogger i contacted on my way to becoming a blogger.He told be i could make money and to his words,i am expecting my first check of $120 from google.
    His website is loaded and served as an inspiration to i have regular visitors on my page
    (Latest Job/Travel Info and Education News)

  3. You are really the one that encouraged me to the blogging commuinty. Now my ad sense is approved with very little earnings. I just pray to God Almighty that one day I will start making money via adsense more than I may have anticipated. Cheers ogbonge, i don't really know you, but I know you will be kind enough to pay my blog a visit and comment on what you think of it.

  4. Ogbonge thank you for checking out my site. I have done what you have told me. But you of all people knows that my traffic will greatly reduce because most of my friends on face book will not find the blog with the former URL. I will let them know about the change anyway. As a blogger guru which i am perfectly convinced you are, check out my blog and tell me this time what you don't like about it. i will not hesitate to check it out. Cheers. if you know of ways of helping me to get traffic, please do it for me and i will surely be grateful. thanks.

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