How To Make Money Unlocking 3G Modems With/Without a Software

Unlocking 3G modems is a service you can be rendering in return for cash either online or offline, using or without using a software.

The recent reduction in the prices of 3G modems to N5,500 and N5000 by MTN and Globacom respectively is encouraging more internet users in Nigeria to opt for 3G modems instead of using their phones for browsing on their PC, hence modems will always be available to be unlocked, day in day out.

Why will I be paid to unlock modem?

You will be paid to unlock a modem because once unlocked, the owner of the 3G modem will be able to use the SIM card of any network on his/her modem, which turns the modem to a universal modem. Once the owner of the modem can see a proof that you can do it, you will definitely be paid to get it done.

How Do I make money from Unlocking?

You can make money ONLINE, unlocking 3G modems via your blog or website. You might have stumbled on some blogs and websites where you will be asked to part with some amount of money or even a recharge card for your modem to be unlocked. You can also leverage on Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and followers know that you can unlock 3G modems and those that are interested will surely pay you to get theirs unlocked.

Remember, the more friends/ followers you have on Facebook/Twitter, the easier it becomes. You can also get people to patronize you at internet/technology-related FORUMS.

You can also make money online by simply selling the unlockers via your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc. No matter what, you will get people that will buy from you though you have to be a smart sales guy like me…wink**

It is easier to make money unlocking modems or selling unlockers offline. This is because most internet users always fear been scammed online. To make money unlocking offline, you have to make sure that people around you are aware that you are offering such service. You can make use of fliers, posters etc , just to advertise and there are some guys that even use advertise on Newspapers that they can unlock modems.

The more people that are aware of your business, the more money you stand to make. Cybercafes, Campuses, Seminars etc are places where you can easily get customers.

How much can I charge and make from Unlocking modems

You should be able to determine how much you can charge for unlocking modems. It all depends on your environment. If you are in a place where you realised that most people there don’t know much about unlocking modems, you can charge high of course but if you charge so high at a place where most people around you already have the unlockers, well, you are on your

The more modems you unlock, the more money you make. Since last year that I have started unlocking modems via one of my posts here on this blog, I no longer use my money to pay for Internet. The recharge cards I receive is always more than enough to buy me Globacom Always Max (6GB for N7500) monthly with enough airtime to call my buddies.

This might sound interesting to you but its is not easy though. People will have to trust you before they can pay you for anything online. Many people trust me and that’s just the secret…..There are ways you can make people to trust you online but this will be a topic for another day. Nevertheless, there are still some people that are scared of been scammed but I don’t just bother about them. Everybody cannot be your customer.

What Do I need to Unlock 3G Modems?

If you have a PC, you can unlock huawei and ZTE modems using unlocking softwares which you can easily install on your PC. If you do not have a PC, you can still be unlocking modems at a secret webpage .
I have 2 softwares that I can give to you, together with the secret webpage where you can always unlock while online without a software.

If you pay N1, 000 I will send the 2 softwares to your email as email attachments and will also email you the link of the webpage where you can unlock modems online.

If you are interested, text “Unlockers” to 07062918898.   You can also check out the Payment Page for payment details. If you can’t make it to the bank, just contact me and I will tell you the alternative way of sending your payment across.

If you are not a Nigerian, you can pay for it via Paypal. Just email me.

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Below are snapshots of  2 different unlockers:



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  1. N1000 to get 2 unlocking softwares with a secret webpage where i can be unlocking?..Great offer to invest in. Am still making money with the bulksms proposal letters i bought from you last year and hope to make money from this too…count me in. I still have your bank details with me.Will pay to your bank account asap and get back to you. thanks

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