2go Chat on Blackberry: How To Configure it with Globacom BIS

If you are one of those BB users having problem using 2go on their Blackberry device, well, I have a working solution to share with you. I subscribe to Globacom BIS and 2go is working perfectly on my BB.

All you just need to do is to configure your BB with the three parameters below, launch your 2go and you will be good to go.

APN: glosecure
Password: gprs
Username: gprs

Don’t know how to configure your BB? Ok, follow the steps below:

From Your Home Screen, Go to Options => Advanced Options and select TCP/IP
Tick the “APN Settings Enabled” box
Enter glosecure as the APN
Tick the “APN Authentication Enabled” box
Enter gprs as the username
Enter gprs as the password
Save your settings (Very important)
That’s all.
Launch your 2go and it should work.

If you can’t locate the TCP/IP on your BB ( e.g Curve 3G)  following the steps above, try the steps below:

From Your Home Screen, Go to Options => Device => Advance System Settings and select TCP/IP

Tick the “APN Settings Enabled” box
Enter glosecure as the APN
Tick the “APN Authentication Enabled” box
Enter gprs as the username
Enter gprs as the password
Save your settings (Very important)
That’s all.
Launch your 2go and it should work.

NOTE: I have an active Globacom BIS running on my BB.

I hope this helps….

Feel free to contribute or ask questions via the comment from below.

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In my future posts, I will be sharing with you, how to configure 2go with Etisalat Nigeria, MTN Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria. For you not to miss the tips, kindly SUBSCRIBE to my blog now.


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  1. Thax a lot for your e-mails and posts. They are educating and helpful.
    I don't know the prob. I have download the. 2go software for my BB Bold 2 from there web; and successful registered and got a pwd; but my phone can't log in. Complaint is that I shoild check my gprs settings. I use glo BIS (like u considered). I have googled thE prob and got a "solution" that didn't work. I now got ur mail on that same issue. It was as if someone was informing you and you are helping out; I was glad. Now I've followed ur instructions which madE more technical sense than the former but it still didn't make me to login using my phone. Complaint remained the same; gprs settings, though the software took pretty long time tryiny to log in as if it was having a recent battle with 2go portal. Pls help.

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