Globacom FREE Browsing: How I legally configured it on my Phone, laptop and iPad

If you are are aware of the 15MB, Etisalat Nigeria gives to Easy Cliq subscribers weekly, on recharge of above N200, then you should know you can legally browse free in Nigeria. Well, Globacom Nigeria has been doing similar thing to Glo subscribers and that’s what am using to browse free on my laptop, mobile phone and iPad.

If you are a Glo subscriber, you get 25MB if you recharge with N500 and you get 50MB if you recharge with N1000. You must buy a recharge card, scratch it and load it directly on your Glo SIM for you to get this free MB. You will not get the freebie if someone transferred the credit to your Glo line.

For you to legally browse free with Globacom, you must have some free MB in your data balance.

So, How Do I Check My Free MB?

On your Glo line, dial 124, then press 1 to listen to your balance.  You have to take note of the data balance and you might need to get a pen handy.  The data balance will be given in KB.  Write it down and convert it to MB. 1000KB = 1MB and 1000MB = 1GB

If you are given your data balance, YOU CAN BROWSE FREE with it. If you are not given your “data balance” YOU CANNOT BROWSE FREE.

I have some free KB in my data balance, so what next?  

Congrats. All you need to do is to configure your modem, phone or iPad to use the settings below:

Connection Name : glodirect
APN   :    glosecure
Username : gprs
Password :  gprs

After configuring your device, restart the device and connect with the settings above. That’s all.

The picture below shows how your config should be on your modem:


1. Before it could work on my laptop, I created a new profile with the settings above, restarted my laptop, unplugged the modem, plugged it back and it worked.

2. If you do not know how to configure your phone, read my post on “How to configure Nokia C3 with Globacom Internet settings” for ideas on what to do.

3. If you have an iPad, it is very easy. Tap Settings, Mobile data, APN Settings and enter the APN, Username and Password above.

4. If you connect with the settings above without having FREE MB, your credit might be charged.

5. Always recharge your Glo SIM. Do not be surprised if your free MB disappear if you fail to recharge within 7 days.

6. There is NO guarantee that this freebie will stay forever. So, if it is no longer working by the time you will be reading this, there is nothing I can do about it.

7. If you are not a Glo subscriber, get your Glo SIM today, register it and start recharging.


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Credit to the admins of StrictlyOnlineBiz and Mobility Nigeria for their posts with regards to this freebie.

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