in Buy and Sell Stocks in Nigeria In Online Stock Trials and Win Prizes

  •  Do you want to be making money from buying and selling stocks in Nigeria
    and needs a platform that will allow you try the Nigeria Stock Market
    online before investing your real money?
  •  Do you know you can get accurate information on stock listed on the
    Nigerian Stock Exchange
    , bonds, ETF’s and real estate online?
  •  Do you know there is a Nigerian stock trial website where you can build and track your own stock portfolio online?

That’s exactly what I am revealing to you today.

And guess what? You don’t need to pay a dime to use the website. You will get N50 million play money (not real money) for the stock trial and you stand the chance of winning a Blackberry and cash prizes if you emerge one of the winners of the Nigerian stock market trials. 


The website was created to provide a fresh approach to investing in the Nigeria capital markets where accurate and up to date information is freely made available to investors so they do not blindly invest in companies and lose their money.

There are tales of investors who have lost their livelihoods as a result of buying shares without knowing much about the companies or their stock brokers. Now the website am sharing with you today is available to fill that vacuum by providing everyone a wide variety of financial resources for the Nigerian financial markets.

I have bought some shares from some companies and I am currently using the website to master stock trading in Nigeria.

So, What it the website address?


….but wait, you need to learn how to use the site. So, below are some questions and answers to guide you.

How Do I Get Started With Stock Trials?

==> Go to

==> Register and Sign in to your EasyKobo account

==> Click on the “Stock trials” tab and make a TRADE, i.e buy stock using the 50 million credit in your practice account.

==> Go ahead to add 10 stocks to your portfolio by clicking on “my portfolios” on the homepage.Thereafter, your account will be personalized and you can see your portfolio everytime you sign in.

How Do I Find Stocks To Buy?

==> You can find stocks by typing in the “get quotes” box on the top left box on

For example to find GTB, type “Bank” in the box. As you are typing, you will notice a drop down box with a list of banks on the platform. Then you can select GTB or ACCESS or any bank stock you like – this will take you to the page of that particular bank.

How Do I Check a Company’s Stock Price?

==> Using the same “get quotes” box mentioned earlier, enter the company name or symbol in the box. Click to access the company page and from the page, you will see the latest stock price of the company.

If you do not know the company symbol, you can carry out a symbol search by clicking on the “symbol search” so that you can easily find your company.

How Do I Win Blackberry and Cash Prizes?

Every registered member of EasyKobo gets N50 million play money. This is not real money.

You have to use the N50 million play money to trade the shares you want and increase your net value.

For example if end the game with 60 million play money, your Return on Investment will be 20%. The player with the highest Return on Investment at the end of a set period will be declared winner of the game.

If you feel during any time of the trials period, you need to reset your account, you can do so and you will return to 50 million play money.

If you win, EasyKobo will contact you using your registration details. If they cannot reach you, they will look for you on facebook so try to join the easykobo page on facebook at:

The EasyKobo stock trial game is a performance based competition. This is not a lottery or a draw. Hence, EasyKobo does not owe you any money to play this stock trials.

So if you are interested in learning about stock investing – it’s your chance to sign up for free and join this fun learning experience. You do not need to deposit any money to take part in stock trials.

Get started at Now!

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