iTunes4Naija: Get iTunes Gift Cards and Create US/UK iTunes account in Nigeria

No matter your nationality or location, you can now create a US/UK iTunes account with ease. If you are Nigerian, you will be able to download apps which are not available in the Nigeria iTunes store right here in Nigeria, provided you have a US/UK iTunes account. 

You do not need to have a credit card for you to create a US/UK iTunes account in Nigeria, thanks, to iTunes4Naija.  At, you simply pay Naira to get US/UK iTunes gift cards which you can easily use to create and fund your iTunes account. 



Initially when I activated my iPad, I created my iTunes account using my GTB Naira Mastercard but I later realized that there are some apps which are not available in the Nigeria iTunes store. Hence, the need for a US/UK iTunes account.
While searching for a solution, I stumbled on iTunes4Naija. I bought a $15 Gift card from the site and I was able to use it to create a US iTunes account just few minutes after paying for it.  With my US iTunes account, I have been able to download lots of apps to my iPad which are not currently available in the Nigeria iTunes store.
Unlike other resellers, iTunes4Naija don’t just sell gift cards, they also offer FAQ’s and useful tips for getting the most value from your investment, with frank and up-to-date reviews of Apple media store contents at the APPS REVIEW section of their website.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit, pick up a gift card, pay locally in Naira and unlock the full potential of your device.

2018 Update

You can buy your iTunes gift cards online in Nigeria at very cheap prices at Delivery to your email is instant. The company stock directly from Apple store. So they are genuine. It’s far cheaper than buying from Visit now!

get itunes gift cards in nigeria email delivery



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