Free Report On How To Earn Money Monthly at Fiverr

It’s no longer news that anyone can earn money online at; the world’s largest online marketplace for services starting at $5. Back in 2011, I even shared the Picture of my $20 Fiverr Earnings on this blog.  Trust me, alot of Nigerians are making alot of money from the site everyday.

You too can start earning money monthly from the site if you know the right offers that are selling most on fiverr and the right way/manner to present it to millions of fiverr buyers.


A young guy that is currently making money from the site has compiled a free report that will guide you. In the report, you will learn all his secrets of banking it big on

You can get the free report at :

You can sell things on for $5 per each, though it may be higher via gig extras. award their sellers that are performing well with levels which can be either level 1,2 or 3 and once you get even to level one, you have the ability to be selling your products up to $20 per gig, level 2 can sell up to $40 per gig and level 3 can sell up to $100 per gig!

Fiverr will deduct $1 per sale and you hold $4 if you are selling $5.

But before you freak out and said to yourself, “why should I be wasting my time on a business of $5”?

Hold on and let me show you this:

fiverr earnings

Now from the above image!

==> At least purchased = 1072
==> Number on queue = 47
==> At least total purchased = 1072 +47 = 1119
==> Amount per sale = $4
==> Total earnings = 1119 x $4 = $4,476

Have you seen the potential of income on this?

$4,476 pure profits from one gig alone within only 3 months. Remember that not all that purchased leaved their reviews and some gigs may be extras gig on which the price may be more than $4 each, so the earnings may be more than $4,476.

But if we stick with this, it shows that this guy is making an average of $1,492 monthly (i.e $4,476 / 3) from just one gig alone and not in the whole account.

What if this guy has setup the whole allowed 20gigs on his account and he is making an average of say like $500 (which is low) from each gig every month, that will be a massive income of $10,000 (i.e 500 x 20) from every month, (which is not hard to be earning, is a matter of knowing the little secrets of how it all work).

If you convert this to Naira (Nigeria currency) at the time this post was written it will be $10,000 x N160 = N1,600,000 (over 1 million Naira every month)

Great ..huh?

The question now is, what if you do not have products and websites and you do not know how to create them, neither how to get traffic (customers) to them online, how then can you make money online?

That is where the free Report will help you. Go grab your copy now!

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