Globacom ALWAYS MICRO Bundle: Browse Internet With N1000 for One Month (150Mb)

 2013 Update: Always Micro data cap has been increased to 350 MB. You can check out the subscription codes of all Glo data plans here.

With the Globacom ALWAYS MICRO Internet bundle, you can now browse the internet for a month, 24/7 with just N1000, though restricted to 150Mb bandwidth.

The Internet Bundle works on mobile phones and Internet Modems, preferable Globacom Modem. You do not need any special SIM card to get started as you can use you existing Globacom SIM card too.

You must set up your phone to use Globacom Internet settings below for you to enjoy this bundle.

To configure your Nokia Phone, from the Menu, Go to Settings > Connection> Access points. Click options and select “New Access Point” Then fill in the setting for each parameter listed below.

Globacom Access Point Settings (APN)
APN Name = gloflat
Username    = flat
Password    = flat

The same settings above is what you will need to set up Globacom on any Universal or unlocked modem.

How Do I Get Started With the ” Always Micro”? 

Using your Globacom SIM card,
Text ACTIVATE to 127,
From the sms you receive, text 1 to 127 for All Day Packs,
From the sms you receive, text 53 to 127 (for Always Micro i.e. 150MB@1000 Naira for 30 days)

NOTE: The ALWAYS DAY package also gives you 150MB but with 24 hours validity i.e. 150MB@500 for 1 day unlike ALWAYS MICRO which has 30 days validity.

To activate ALWAYS DAY, you text 10 to 127 .

More so, you must ensure you have enough credit on your SIM card before sending text messages for the desired internet bundle.

Remember, Speed depends on coverage in your locality.

Hope this helps….

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. @Sope… Well,if you are using the bundle for browsing on your PC, always make sure you TURN OFF all AUTOMATIC UPDATES especially of your antivirus and other softwares you have on your PC. If you are just using the bundle on your phone, it will serve you well

  2. Thanks for ur most valued assistance.I have followed ur tip to set up my nokia for glo always micro.But how can i check my bundle balance. In mtn u txt 2 to 131 how about glo micro. Thanks

  3. i still cant access the internet via my phone after loading the settings. this is a dilemma. am i going to lose 1000 cool naira just like that. i use a sony ericsson w90i. please help

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