God Saved Me

I will never forget yesterday in my life because it was my first day of been involved in a car accident. I never could imagine such will happen on a trip which is the shortest of the trips I use to cover with my car and it’s even the least busy road of all places I do travel to.

It happened around 2pm, on my way back from Oju, a town which is just an hour drive from Otukpo, Benue State. The spot is less than 15 minutes to my destination. Before it happened, I was full of excitement that I will soon get home to prepare for another trip to Enugu today and was also happy that I’ve left behind me, the very bad section of the road.

I still can’t figure out what really happened to me within two seconds before I discovered that I was about hitting a tree by the road side. I swerved sharply to avoid hitting it and the sudden change in direction forced me to the other side of the road, driving hard inside the bush till God stopped the car for me.

God took charge of the driving inside the bush because I held the steering tightly and didn’t hit any tree nor scream. In fact, I drove in between 2 tress, up a hill and the car didn’t tumble. The airbag wasn’t deployed too. I was just hearing gbooo, gbaaa while driving through the bush with glasses shattered all over me.

After the car stopped by itself, I unbelt myself, turned off the ignition and passed through the passenger door. The driver side was smashed, so the door couldn’t even open.

Within few minutes, about eight guys came into the bush to rescue me. They were so happy to find me alive. They pushed and drove out the car from the bush. One of them even drove me to town. 

The path the car cleared into the bush…..

Apart from the exhaust pipe that cut off from the car, the headlights and the door on the driver side, no other serious damage to the car. No impact on the engine nor the windscreen.

I sustained no serious injury too. Only some stains of blood on me from the glass of the shattered driver’s window. Although, I couldn’t sleep on time last night because of the thought of the incident but I thank God, am up now, feeling very fine.

After the driver door and seat were removed….

I so much thank God for sparing my life to write this. If not, it would have been a case of “R.I.P Jide” on blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc….God forbid!

That’s it.

Guys, always put on your seat belt, no matter how short the distance is. It would have been a different story entirely if I wasn’t using my seat belt. Although, na God…

I pray we all live long to enjoy the fruit of our labour.

Stay blessed!!!

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Only God could have done that. Thank god that u re the very one giving us account of all that happened. Thank u Lord for another testimony. Remain blessed.

  2. My Brother, God will always protect you from the hands of the wicked ones, as he says that a thousand shall fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand and none shall come near you. Amen. Leave your life bro, God is with you.

    Thanks for the great testimony.

  3. Jide…. U definitely still have jobs to do for Baba God… Make sure u share d testimony in church and try be closer to God d more. I wish u longlife jawe!!!

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