How I opened Paypal Account and fund it in Nigeria WITHOUT Liberty Reserve.

One of the top challenges most Nigerians willing to make money online do face is : How to open and verify paypal account in Nigeria. Most of those that even have Paypal accounts even do find it difficult to fund their accounts. Well, I have decided to share how I opened my paypal account and how I use to fund it with ease, WITHOUT Liberty Reserve.

It is no more news that PAYPAL DO NOT officially accepts Nigerians as at the time of publishing this post, hence if you use some tricks to get registered and Paypal detects you are operating Paypal account from a non-allowed country, your account will be LIMITED and any amount you have their will be gone.

In one of my posts, I shared how to open and verify a Paypal account in Nigeria using Liberty Reserve. Some people do use this trick but that is not how I opened my own paypal account.

My Paypal account was opened for me by a friend living in USA. He used USA address and USA phone number for the registration. The USA address and phone number are REAL and NOT virtual address or phone numbers which you get from graphcard.

He also funds the account for me. He still funded it with $10 as at 21st of May, 2011 at the rate of N210 per US Dollar ($). I do pay him via his GTB account which he operates from the States. I hope you won’t be wondering how someone in USA is operating a Nigerian GTBank account. Well, he opened the GTB account in Nigeria before moving to the States and he manages it with Internet Banking and gets his cash out with his Mastercard.

Below is a snapshot of email notification I received when he funded my account  on 21/05/11 :

NOTE: Just because my account was opened in USA, I always make sure I access it using a US IP. 

He can also open a Paypal account for you and even fund it for you…NOT FREE though…

Opening of account WITHOUT Verification = N2, 500
Funding of Paypal account = N210 per dollar.

As you can see above, it is clearly stated that without verification, so if interested, just send me an email at : jidex525 AT and I will get back to you with his contact details.  You can also contact me on Facebook:

Please, don’t contact me and start preaching for me to reduce the cost price. No time for that please….


1. It is safer to use IP Changing softwares like Your-Freedom, Hostpot Shield  to access your Paypal account than using Web proxies like Ninjacloak, HideMyAss etc and do not be logging there frequently.

2.  After changing your IP with an IP changing software like HotspotShield, Your-Freedom, VPN etc, you can always check your IP via a site like:

3. It is not compulsory you verify your paypal account. You can use a non-verified account for normal transactions though limited to $400 but verifying it adds more credibility to your account.

In my future posts, I will share with you how you can verify a paypal account opened for you in USA and also new ways you can use/withdraw your paypal funds.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. I have been waiting for this. I love your openness bro. You are very straight-forward unlike some so called info-marketers out there. I will contact you soon to help fund my paypal. Those facts in the post are priceless bro..I pray God continue to bless.

  2. Hi thanks a lot for the paypal info,but after opening the paypal with your u.s friend can i also ask him to withdraw from it after i have used it for a legitimate business online?

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