How I use Sugarsync for Blackberry To Transfer Photos from BB to my Computer and iPad

In a review of SugarSync, I recommended it as an app you can use to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and mobile devices. The app has really been helpful to me in transferring the photos on my iPad and Blackberry across all my devices. Today, I am sharing with you how I use the SugarSync app for Blackberry in syncing photos on my BB to my Computer and iPad without Bluetooth and cables.

With SugarSync for BB, you can:

==> view your documents, photos from your computers right from your BlackBerry

==> back up your entire camera or pictures folder to SugarSync and your computers, with just a click.

==> stream your iTunes music library, or music from any folder, directly to your BlackBerry

==> sync files and entire folders of entire folders to your BlackBerry so you can access them while on the go — even when disconnected from the network.

==> edit docs on your BB using your favorite editor e.g Documents To Go

So, How Do I Use SugarSync To Transfer Pictures?

==> Sign up for your free 5GB SugarSync account

==> Download SugarSync for Blackberry here or search for it in the BB Appworld

==> Open it and enter your SugarSync account details

==> Select “My BlackBerry

==> You’ll see two options: SD Card and Device Memory. Browse through each of these to find the folder with a lot of images. That’s the folder you want to sync to SugarSync. (The folder will likely be called camera or Pictures.)

==> Long tap or select the folder name to open the menu

==> Select Sync to SugarSync. All the photos in the folder will be uploaded to your computer(s) in Magic Briefcase > Mobile Folders. You can also sync individual pictures though.

If you save new pictures to your BB after the synchronization and needs to update all your devices, return to the folder and open the contextual menu. Select “Resync”. All your new photos will upload to your device(s).

Alternatively, you can take a picture using the SugarSync app on your device, and SugarSync will
automatically upload the photo to the cloud and to your synced computers.

To access the pictures on my computer and iPad, I launch the connected SugarSync apps on my computer and iPad and go to Magic Briefcase > Mobile Folders. Right there, I can easily save the pictures to my computer and iPad for offline access.

That’s all.


==> If you want to access a picture you sync from your computer on your BB when in offline mode, you will have to open the picture in your SugarSync app and in the menu, select the option to Sync to device (BlackBerry). The picture is synced to the local device memory (BB memory card).

==> Via the “Settings” of the SugarSync for BB, ensure you set your “memory card” as where to save folders and files you sync offline.

I hope this helps.

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  1. I downloaded it yesterday and have been enjoying it but how do i close the app on my BB? Selecting CLOSE from the menu doesn't seem to be closing it as it keeps appearing in the list of running apps. Please help.

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