How I Use Picstory App to Combine Pictures on BlackBerry

If you own a Blackberry phone and interested in combining two or more pictures into one, you can easily get it done with the PictStory app downloadable for free from the Blackberry app world. You can use the Picstory app for blackberry to create stories with pics.

I used it to merge three pictures into one as seen below:

In this tutorial, I am sharing with you how I created the picture above and how I saved the pictsory picture to my blackberry.


==> Download Picstory from Blackberry app world and install it to your BB
==> Launch the app and you should see a page similar to the one below:

==> select “Share My Picture

==> You will see thr layout page as seen below:

You can select the icon highlighted in yellow on the right hand side of the screen to change the layout for your picture story. Below are samples of layouts you can use:

==> Click on each column in the layout to add picture to it from your phone. After adding a picture to a column, a control box will appear which contains tools you can use to adjust the picture added to the column.

==> Use the Zoom tools to zoom your picture till it perfectly fits the Layout space. Add pictures to the other columns and adjust accordingly.

==> Once satisfied, click on the Arrow Icon (=>) at the top left of the Tools Bar as seen in the picture below:

==> Click the icon next to “tag your picture” as indicated in the picture below:

==> Click on the Share Button. (You can add caption etc on the page)

That’s all.

How To Save PictStory Picture to BB

As at the time of publishing this, there is no SAVE button but if you authorize Picstory to use the picture you shared as your BBM display picture, you will see the picture in your BB Pictures folder.

I hope this helps.

Feel free contribute and ask questions. If you know any other app that does similar thing, feel free to share.

You can merge pictures online on your PC with FotoFlexer. In my future posts, I will share with you how I merge pictures together with my iPad.


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  1. I think picmix does same job as this app ur introducing, picmix is very flexible and has great editing with effects and loads of lovely frames… Can also be gotten for free frm BB app world. Surely if u try it u're gonna rate it a 5!!!

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