How I Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Without Using APP

After setting up my new Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Android phone, I decided to search Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace) for an app I can use in taking screenshots. Thought I could get something similar to the Screen Muncher app for Blackberry, unfortunately, I realized that most of the apps in Google Play will demand you root your Android phone before you can use them in taking screen captures. After some serious research, I stumbled on a solution that works for me and I decided to share it with you.

Similar to the way I take screen shots with my IPad, I now easily take screen captures with my Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos  without using any application by holding the “Home” button and pressing the “lock” button at the same time. This secret “Screen capture” function of the phone will take a print screen of the phone exactly how it is without you having to root your phone.

Below are some of the screen shots I captured with my Samsung Dual SIM Android phone:

If you are successful in capturing the screen, the phone will vibrate and you will see “Screen captured. Saved as image file” message displayed on the screen.

If you scroll to the to the “Gallery” of your phone, you will see the  image files in a “Screen Capture” folder.

==> keep trying if If your phone keeps locking or going to the menu while trying to capture the screen
==> Hold the “home” button for a slight moment before pressing the lock button (to stop the phone from locking)

I hope this guide helps you take screen captures with your Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos smartphone.

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