How To Add Text To Pictures Online at

You can add text to any photo online without using a software. I do this alot to add my blog address to some pictures I use in my blog post. This helps in creating more awareness for my blog, should in case some people use the image in their posts or some copycats copied my post without editing.

How To Get Started

==> Go to

==> Choose from the available options to open the picture you want to add text to

==> From the “Tools” box on the left hand side of the page, click on the text tool inidcated by the “A” sign

==> After clicking on the “A” sign, click anywhere on the picture. You should now see a text box like the one below:

==> Type the text in the box and choose the font, size, style and color of your choice.

==> As you type in the box, the text will appear above the box, right on the picture and you will be seeing all the changes you apply to it.

==> Once satisfied, click the OK button.

==> If you want to drag the text to another location on the picture, click the “move tool” (the first tool by the right indicated by arrow sign)

==> After clicking the “move tool“, click on the text and drag it to the location of your choice,

==> Once satisfied, click on File ==> Save to save the picture to the computer.

That’s all.

I hope this helps.

If you have Adobe Photoshop or any other photo-editing software on your computer, you can also use them to add text to any picture if you do not want to do it online.  In my future posts, I will share with you how to add text to picture using a mobile phone.

Feel free to ask questions or share ideas on how you add text to pictures.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Interesting one there. I discovered I can also do it at the you shared on this blog some days back. Thanks a lot for your interesting posts.

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