How Long Does It Takes To Get Drivers License In Nigeria?

How long does it takes to get drivers license in Nigeria ?

Well, you will be able to get the temporary Nigeria drivers license same day you complete the biometric capture if there are no technical issues at the capture centre. Without been captured, there is no way you will get the temporary drivers license in Nigeria.

When I applied for the new Nigeria drivers license in May 2018, I got the temporary license that same day that I applied for it. I filled the drivers license application form that day, paid into the bank that day (for 5 years validity), obtained my VIO and eye test certificates that same day and I was also captured that same day.

The temporary drivers license expires after two months. When mine expired, my permanent Nigeria drivers license wasn’t ready for pick up at the capture centre.  Instead, I was asked to make a photocopy of the temporary license. They stamped and signed on it and told me I can be using that pending the time my permanent license will be ready.

On August 13, 2018, I received an sms that I should go and pick up my permanent drivers license. That’s approximately three months after I was captured.

I hope this info helps.

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