Nigeria Drivers Licence : Requirements and How Much it Cost Me

UPDATE : You can check out the 2021 Nigeria Driver’s License Application Fee Here

I walked in to Nigeria Federal Road Safety Commission capture centre in Benue state today, (4th of May, 2018) and I was granted the Nigeria drivers license to drive around the country. I was issued the temporary Nigeria drivers licence without much delay.

On getting there, the officer on duty asked me for my driving school certificate, learner’s permit and my birth certificate. I presented the docs to him as requested.

Thereafter, he gave me the Nigeria drivers licence application form to fill. I filled it as required and handed it over to him. No big deal in the form though. You will be required to enter your full name, your height, blood group, date of birth, state, local govt, mother maiden name, phone number of next of kin etc You will also have to indicate the number of years you want to apply for; 3 or 5 years.

After filling the form, the officer gave me an account number to go and pay into at Access bank.  I went to access bank with a print-out of the drivers licence form with the details I provided and made a deposit of N10,450 into the bank account, for 5 years validity. The bank will need your drivers licence application id which is on the application form. So, ensure you have the form with you when you go to the bank for payment. I left the bank with a stamped teller and a payment acknowledge slip printed on a plain paper.

I proceeded to the VIO office where I obtained the VIO test certificate for N1,000.  From there, I went to the eye clinic for my eye test. I paid N500 for that and I was issued the eye test certificate.

I went back to the FRSC capture centre with photocopies of my certificates and payment slip. I submitted the drivers license application form, learner’s permit, bank teller & print out plus photocopies of my driving school certificate, VIO test certificate, eye test certificate & birth certificate.

After waiting for some minutes, I was invited to the capture room and right there, my photo, fingerprint and signature were captured.

Within few minutes, I was issued my temporary Nigeria driver’s licence, which I was told will be valid for just two months. The office told me that the permanent Nigeria drivers licence will be ready before it expires else, I will have to come back to the office so they can extend the validity of the temporary driver’s licence.

That’s all.

Nigeria Drivers Licence Requirements

nigeria drivers license requirements cost price

How Much Does It Costs To Get Nigeria Drivers Licence?

Well, for those interested in the price, here is breakdown of how much it cost me to get the new Nigeria drivers license :

  • Driving School certificate : N8,000
  • VIO test certificate : N1,000
  • Eye Test Certificate : N500
  • Driver’s License Payment : N10,450 (for 5 years)

I also paid N1,500 to someone in the office, who signed the application form. I guess she is Board of Internal revenue officer.

Kindly note that it took me almost two months to get the driving school certificate after registration. I went to the driving school with the learner’s permit which was issued to me at the FRSC office.  I obtained the driving school certificate in 2017. So, you can enroll in FRSC accredited driving schools in Nigeria asap and process your drivers licence later.

NB : The price for 3 years Nigeria drivers license is N6,350

I hope this helps.

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  1. This is cheap though compared to Lagos State where the driving school I learnt how to drive told me to bring 17500 for drivers license after paying 19000 for the training. I will apply for mine in Makurdi asap.

  2. It’s even cheap. I have been driving since 2014 without driving license, I will get one this time around since it’s not expensive as I thought…

  3. What of those who didn’t learn how to drive via a driving school? Will they have to still buy a driving school certificate or is it optional?

  4. Here in Enugu, I was told by the board of internal revenue that the total fee is #30,000 for that of 5 years and #25,000 for that of 3 years. I went to FRSC office at Enugu, they told me that licence of 5 years is #22,000 and that of 3 years is #17,000.

  5. This information is very correct. I can attest to it. It is the same procedure & amount I did mine in Abuja @ Head of Service Block, Federal Secretariat. No stress at all. Just get your driving school certificate cos no short cut in this. Thanks

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