How To Add Friends on Mozat Chat App

After you might have installed Mozat messenger onto your phone, you will have to add friends for you to chat using the Mozat app.  You can add friends by adding their Mozat PINs. If you know the phone number of your friend, you can also add the friend using his/her mobile number.

How To Get Started

==> Launch the Mozat App
==> Scroll to “Chats”  (right under the Mozat screen)
==> Select Menu.
==> You will see some options. Select ADD FRIEND
==> You will see the different ways you can add friends i.e Add by PIN, Add by Mobile Number etc

==> Select “add by PIN if you know the PIN of the friend you want to add. Enter the PIN and select OK.
==> Select “add by mobile number if you know the phone number of the friend you want to add.

A request will be sent to the friend and once accepted, you guys will be connected and can start chatting on Mozat.

The SEARCH for FRIENDS option allows you to search for those that are online, those that have pictures and you can also choose if it is male or female you want.

That’s all.

Note: Though you can use Mozat app to chat with a Blackberry user who also have a Mozat account but you cannot add BBM PIN to the Mozat app. You can only add a MOZAT PIN.

I hope this helps.

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