How to Create FREE Android Apps for Your Blog

This is a guest post by Adesoji Adegbulu, an internet entrepreneur and a consultant who teaches people how to make real money online on Make Money Online Nigeria.

Few months back, I created and android app for my blog. After creating and submitting the app, I got a mail from the Android App maker team on the status of my submission and what I need to do next. Anyway, the app i submitted was reviewed they found that it contained some quality assurance issues that need to be improved before my app will be ready for app store submission and download.

In order to help other bloggers, I am making available a number of tips to follow when creating an Android app for your blogs. Please follow these tips when creating the best app possible:

Spell-check Your Submission

Always remember to check the spelling. Bad spelling or all caps equals a bad app.

Make sure Your Links work

If you submitted links to images, blog, facebook or twitter pages make sure they actually work. If Android App maker reviewers cannot access the images then we cannot submit your application.

Create A Useful App

Avoid making apps for your own personal use. Instead, consider creating an application that others who have android phones would consider useful. For example, maybe a trivia game about the World Cup rather than a trivia game about your tastes in music.

Don’t Use Copyrighted Content

If you don’t own or have explicit permission to use the content you would like to use in your app, avoid using it. For example, pictures taken from the web need explicit permission from their author.

More Content means a Better App

Don’t stop at 10 or 15 questions if you’re making a trivia game. Add as many questions as you can think up. The more content you can put in your app the better it will be. Can you reach a goal of 50 questions? Once again, remember the previous tip and do not use content you don’t own or have explicit permission to use.

Be Original

If everyone else is doing one thing, try mixing it up and doing something else. For example, if you see there are plenty of famous person quote apps but not enough birthday quote apps, fill a need and be different. If there’s an open niche, take it.

To create your own Android app, please go to

I hope this helps

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