How To Get Adquet Ad Code and Place it on Blogger and WordPress Blogs. Video Included!

Yesterday, I uploaded some short videos to my YouTube channel that explain how to advertise on Adquet and how to get ad codes from, which you can place on your Blogger or WordPress blogs.

If for some reasons you’re unable to watch the video, follow me through the steps below :

==> Sign in to
==> Click on “Publisher” tab
==> Click on “Sites” > “Add Site
==> Fill your site/blog info and click on “Submit”.

** Not compulsory you upload site logo

Wait for your site to be approved.

You can click on “Sites” >  “Managed Sites” to check for the status of your site. Once approved, then you can proceed to generate to your ad codes.

To generate your ad code,

==> Click on “Ad Codes
==> Click on “Create”
==> Fill the fields as desired and click “Create Ad Code”

** I recommend “Text/Banner” adblock type as this determines the adblock size that will be available for you to choose from in the adblock dropdown.

Copy the displayed code and paste to your blog.

If blogger blog, paste it in HTML/Javascript gadget via “Layout”
If WordPress blog, use Text gadget via “Appearance” > “Widgets”

Note: If you need to create more ads, you don’t have to add your site again, except you want to create new ads for a different site.

I hope this helps.

>>>> Check out tutorial videos at my YouTube channel here. Make sure you subscibe if you don’t want to miss my videos.

You can read more about Adquet here.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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    • I don't really understand your question. Anyway, you can generate 300×250 ad code, place it in HTML/Javascript gadget (if Blogger), then set it to mobile="yes" so as to make it display on mobile view of your blog. You must have switched to custom mobile template though.

  1. I'm quite grateful for this timely info Mr Jide. I actually haven't gotten approval from adquet in order for the adcodes to be displayed on my blog although I have followed the instructions you stated. I don't have a custom domain yet but I will be getting it anytime soon. I want to know if the code can be displayed on my blog and also I don't know if google can approve my blog for its adsense if adquets adcodes begins to show on my blog. My blog address is .Thanks.

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