How To Send Customized SMS, BulkSMS, Web to Phone SMS

With SMS technologies, you can now send SMS from the web to mobile phones with just a click of a mouse. 

With Bulk SMS Messaging from web to mobile phones, you can send a message to thousands of recipients at ONCE. This, you will agree with me, will ease the pain you will face if you will are to send  a text message to a lot of people using your mobile phone.

With Web to phone SMS, you can choose any name you would like to appear on the receiver’s phone as the SENDER’S ID. This is what many banks are now using to send CREDITALERTS, DEBITALERTS etc to their customers. Telecommunication companies also use bulk SMS to send alerts and PROMO messages to their subscribers.

So, how do I send Bulk SMS ?

With SMS platforms like , you can easily send Bulk SMS to mobile phone numbers with just a click of a mouse. has a simple interface from where you can easily send your bulk SMS without having to download any software to the computer. With, bulkSMS is delivered to mobile networks in Nigeria  and other countries. The Full coverage  list is available at

To start sending SMS at, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click on REGISTER. On the SIGN UP page, fill in the form as required and click on SUBMIT. A verification email will be automatically sent to you which will contain a link you will need to click in order to verify your registration. 
  2. At, you will see the LOGIN form Enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD that you used when signing up.  
  3. If you log in successfully, you should see your customized page that looks like:   

Fill the form as required. The instructions and clear and easy to understand.

In the SENDER ID field, enter ANYTHING you want to be displayed on the RECEIVER’S PHONE as the name of the SENDER. This MUST NOT BE MORE THAN 11 characters. This can be your name, the name of your business, name of your church, any number etc.

In the MESSAGE field, type your message making sure it is not more than 160 characters. If you type more than this inside the box, that will cost you extra sms credit.

Once you are done, CROSS CHECK everything. If there is no mistake, click on the SEND SMS NOW BUTTON.   

NOTE: You can also schedule your sms to be delivered at a later date by clicking “SEND LATER AT“… button which will ask you for the date you want it to be sent.


To Know if the messages are delivered, it is better you put your personal mobile number in the TO field so that you can receive a copy of the text message once delivered.

In my future posts, I will be writing about how you can start making money as a bulk SMS consultant and also the various businesses/services that can make use of  bulk SMS.

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