How Do I Text From Computer To Cell Phone?

Texting from a PC to a cell phone is no longer a big deal as there are now many bulksms portals that allow you to send sms to mobile phones from the internet. Those sites support bulk texting, thereby making it easy for you to blast out thousands of text messages at once, instantly with just the click of a button.

If you are interested in a website where you can send sms to phones, you can try Apart from allowing you to send bulk texts, the bulksms gateway also lets you personalize each message for your recipients and schedule texts to automatically send at a specified date and time. All these can be done from the convenience of your computer.

NairaforSMS offers free SMS on registration; hence you can send free sms from pc to cell phones from the site. If you want to send sms online from computer to phones at, follow me through the steps below:

1. Register for an account at if you don’t have an account there

2. Sign in to your account to see your free sms.

3. Click on “Compose SMS“. You will see something similar to the screenshot below:

4. In the “Sender ID” box, enter the name you want to be displayed on the receivers’ screen eg NairaForSMS.  It must not be more than eleven (11) characters. This include space between letters.

5.  In the “Recipients” box, enter the phone numbers you want to text (in the format: 2348060000000 or 08060000000). Separate multiple numbers with comma or put each number on a separate line. Duplicate and invalid numbers will be automatically removed and not charged.

If you click the “drop down” arrow beside the “type recipient”, you can click “upload recipients” to upload a text file containing phone numbers and you can also click “phonebook group” to select a  phonebook you’ve created on

6. Type your message in the “Message” field.

Single text message contains a maximum 160 characters. 2 pages will cost you 2 sms.

7. Click on the “Send” button.

That’s all.

You can click on “Message history” link in the menu to track your sms history and status.

NOTE: If you click the “More Options” button via the “Send” button, you will be able to save your message as draft, save the recipients to a phone book and schedule the message to be delivered on a later date/time.

Remember, you must have enough sms units in your account for you to send sms. Hence, if you need to use more than the free sms units allocated to you after registration, ensure you buy sms units from the site.

I hope this helps.

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