How To Write Files to CD in Microsoft Windows

Writing files to CD (Compact Disc) also knows as burning a disc, simply means copying files from your PC  to a CD i.e. empty/blank disc.  The files could be photos, documents, music, softwares etc. For a file to be successfully saved on a CD, it has to pass through the process of writing and that’s why I’m here to explain how to write files to a CD in windows.

Blank CD’s come in two different forms. The first one is called CD-R (CD Recordable). The other one is called CD-RW (CD Re-Writable). You can copy files to both CDs but it is only the CD Re-Writable that is reusable. Hence, you can easily copy new files to the CD-RW and erase the old ones that you might have saved on it. The CD-RW disks are a little more expensive than the regular CD-R disks.

Note:  Ensure that the CD-ROM drive on your computer is labelled “rewritable” or else, you will not be able to write on Re-Writable CDs.


 Re-Writeable CD and a Re-Writable CD drive.

==> Insert the CD into the CD drive
==> Select the file or group of files to be written to CD
==> Right click on your selection,
==> Click “Send To” and choose CD-RW drive. An indication will pop up that you have files to be written to CD.

==> Click Start / My Computer and open CD-RW drive
==> Click ‘Write these files to CD” or “Burn to Disc” link on the left
==> You will see a CD Writing Wizard. Type in any name for your CD and click on “Next”
==> At this point, CD Writing Wizard starts writing the files on your blank CD and displays a progress bar as shown below:

The CD will automatically eject itself on successful writing.

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