Let me help change your blogspot address to dot com (custom domain name)

If you own a blogger/blogspot blog, I can easily help you change the address of your blog from the default blogspost address to a custom domain which can be a .com .net, org, etc  So, instead of your blog bearing an address like, I will help you configure it to something like ( provided the name is still available).

Note: After changing it to .com , if anyone still visit the old .blogspot address, the person will be automatically redirected to your new .com address, hence, your blog readers will not be left behind.  Just go to and you will see that you will be redirected to Cool..right?

Why Do I Need a Custom Domain Name?

1. sounds better than
2. Having your own custom domain adds professionalism to your blog
3. It encourages you to be committed to your blog because you have invested money in it.
4. If you leave blogger, you can point the domain name to another host while you still keep your traffic stats,    Alexa ranks etc.

How can I get the custom domain

I can help you configure your blogspot address to a new .com address. It will be done and start working same day that you pay, provided you pay early enough.

Price = N3, 000 

The fee covers the cost of the domain name and payment for the configuration services I will do for it to work with your blog.

Where do I pay to?

Check the bank details at:

You can also text “blogspot to dot com” to 07062918898

What do i do after payment?

After payment, text “payment for blogspot to dot com” ,your email address, bank paid to, teller number to 07062918898

Once I confirm your payment, I will send you a text asking you for your name, address, your blogspot address,  the new address and other infos I will need to get the domain name set up and dns configuration done for you asap.

NOTE: I Will NOT ask for the login details of your blog to get this done.  Once I am through with the configuration, I will text/email you what to do in your Blogger settings page to get the new dot com address working immediately.

….your .com will start working the same day you pay for this service. 

That’s all.
Any Bonus?
Yes. Once you pay, you will be my pal and might help you review your blog and see how you can improve on it based on my experience in blogging..

Remember, It will be done and start working same day that you pay, provided you pay early enough.



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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. the fee is just for ONE year domain registration and for the service i will render. You will have to be renewing the address every year which will cost you N1500. renewing doesnt involve any technicality. It's just a matter of paying for another year and the domain name will be renewed for you. You can do it yourself too because I will give you your login details to your domain name control panel.

  2. pls mr jide,i will love it if you can tell a place where i can get cheap domain name.again i will love u to tell me d deference between a domain name and webhost cos am confuse.for instance if i buy a domain name am i supose to keep payin 4 it every year

  3. I have a blogger address and I sense I made a mistake from the beginning by using complex Url. Now you said I can change to Can I as well change the entire url too and maintain all the traffic stats, all the google ranks etc?

    I really need to do this before putting in more work


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