Maga No Dey Pay!

In July 2010, I started Make Money Online Nigeria to teach Nigerians how to legitimately make real money online, create online business and create wealth  BUT several months after, many Nigerians still think the best way to make money online is to find so many people to dupe or defraud.

Making Money Online takes a lot of consistency, hard work, effort and dedication after you have really found a real way to make money online. It’s beyond buying several ebooks, training materials; signing up for affiliates etc. These things are neither good or bad, it is what you make with them that translates to what you will get. The same ebook you both and you got nothing, someone else bought it and made so much money from it. If you are looking for legitimate success without having to work hard for it, making money online is not for you!

This remind me of this song titled “Maga no need pay!” I won’t post all the lyrics but some parts of the song. here they are…

Banky W:
Seven in the morning, it’s a brand new day
Eyes still swelling, still at the cafe
Hustling real hard from Sunday to Sunday
Hoping someday that maga will pay
But maga no need pay
For me to live correct
They call me Mr. Capable, I gat my self-respect
No need to do Yahoo-Yahoo for me to cash a cheque
I don’t need no maga, just work harder now

SoKleva (RooftopMC):
I don’t mess with cybercrimes,
But I make the cypher rhyme.
I get paid for my time,
Don’t need to scam a dime!

Don’t forget who you are.
Represent Nigeria,
Represent for Africa.
Even when the things were hard,
I place my future in my God, (Yes, yeah)
See my nation’s reputation suffers much condemnation,
This’ our situation.
Are we cybercrime criminals? No!
We are the mineral resources of our fatherland,
We must rise and take the stand.
Every day heroes are born,
All stereotypes are torn.
Things we did to cause us harm,
We off that and now we on,
Hard work, positivity,
Truth, reliability
Expose your ability,
Change our reality,
That’s word! (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

Now you have it, maga no dey pay for you to live the life you want as a result of making real money online, If you truly want to learn how to make money online, you should Subscribe to OgbongeBlog Money Making Tip now. You will learn what you need to learn. Do that now!

Do you make real money online? If yes, please drop a comment about how you make money online. Please note, your comment will be moderated. So if you want your comment to be published, don’t bother adding any URL to the comment.

If you don’t make real money online, I’ll be available to help you!

I am Adesoji Adegbulu and I do many good things. One of which is teaching Nigerians how to make real money online on Make Money Online Nigeria. I do this with a passion. It is what I can do for FREE or for a  FEE.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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