Make Money With Liberty Reserve Referral Program

libertyreserve Won’t you love to get paid for just telling your friends to register a free account with Liberty Reserve? Well, that is what Liberty Reserve Referral program is all about.
If you don’t know what Liberty Reserve means, read:  WHAT IS LIBERTY RESERVE ?
I have not been a huge fan of referral programs  but this got my attention because it has do with a reputable company and the terms are clearly stated on the Liberty Reserve Referral Program web page.
When you learn about the great features inside Liberty Reserve, you will want to tell your friends. When you tell your friends or your web site visitors about Liberty Reserve, you get paid for it. Whether you are a business or an individual you can participate in this referral program.

You earn $0.25 cents on every referral without any limits. Each member that signs up using your referral link gets $0.05 in their account. All referrals are paid automatically upon successful account activation. It is a win – win situation.

Referred Member  Referrer
$0.05 for being referred $0.25 for every member you refer

Getting Started
For you to start making money from this program, you must have registered with Liberty Reserve and have your unique Account Number. If you have not registered, get your free account now.

For you to make money with this program, you will have to be telling your friends to get their own free Liberty Reserve account via a special link of yours similar to the one below.

When you tell your friends or your web site visitors about Liberty Reserve, please give them the following link:[your account number]
You may also put this link within a Liberty Reserve banner on your web site or blog.

Once the user clicks on this link and subsequently opens a Liberty Reserve account, you become his referrer and get paid for it. User cannot change who his referrer is once he creates his or her account. You can be a referrer to as many members as you wish. You will see the number of people you referred inside your account.

You, as a referrer, will also receive 10% of any fee that is generated from that user for his or her internal spend transactions. These payments will be automatically made to your account as long as that user is active. 

   1. You must have $10 in your account to be a referrer.
   2. You must post your referrer link on any online page (web site, blog, forum, email account, etc.) Direct referral links entered in
a browser will not work.
   3. Referrers that generate a lot of fake accounts will be frozen. Warn your friends and clients not to open fake accounts.
   4. You must not pay people for signing up under you.

To register your free Liberty Reserve account now, go to  Once you complete your registration, using the link above, my account will be credited with $0.25 cents while your own account will be credited with $0.05 cents. Isn’t it cool to make some free bucks this way? Let me know what you feel about this using the comment form below this post.

In my future posts, I will be writing about the different things you can use Liberty Reserve for and also the different ways by which you can fund your Liberty Reserve account.

So, for you not to miss those and and also my future free ebooks, freebies, articles and be getting them right inside your email inbox even when you are not on the internet, kindly go to and enter your email. Once entered, you will have to check your email for a confirmation email containing a confirmation link. Once you verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link in the message, YOU WILL NEVER MISS MY FUTURE ARTICLES AND FREEBIES AGAIN.

Cheers !!!.

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