in : Get Fuel Easily At The Cheapest Price In Your Area

There is no light, your business is dwindling and you don’t know where to find fuel?

You set out searching for fuel and return hours later with an empty tank because all the filling stations in your neighborhood said “NO FUEL”?

Sad, isn’t it?

Cry no more for the dark days are over. is here to return smile to sad faces. It’s a web/application site exceptionally designed to take away all your fuel-related worries.

The team at, recognize the essence of time and feel bad whenever you waste it searching for fuel. They understand that your business needs to grow and when you patronize black-marketers who charge double of the official price for each litre of fuel, you don’t do so in the best interest of that business.

To solve all these problems, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to announce to you, the arrival of

On, you can search for any filling station, selling petrol, kerosene, diesel or engine oil, far or near. You can spot their exact locations using our map. You can read people’s comments concerning their conducts, products and services or make yours. And you can compare their prices to make a good choice, all from the comfort of your home.

Could it be any better? gives you the best – when you hear that fuel is selling cheaper at some filling stations but you don’t know where; when the news of fuel scarcity hits the media again or when your mechanic advises you to stick to good quality fuel to help your engine, do not be scared. All you need to do is log on to and make your search.You will immediately get the details of all the filling stations selling fuel around you alongside their prices.

fuel scarcity

If you are on the road driving and you notice your gauge dropping to the base, time to refill right? Just pick up your device, log on to and search for the nearest filling stations with fuel. It doesn’t really matter if you are familiar with the road or not because our map aided guide will lead you to the nearest station.

You want to buy fuel and suddenly you are skeptical. Someone’s engine just knocked as a result of adulterated product. No! You don’t want that to happen to your beautiful car or generator. And you don’t wish it to that man who depends on his keke napeb to feed his family. You want to avoid this because you believe it’s unfair for someone to use his hard earned money and buy disaster unto himself. You need a place where direct products are sold not adulterated. Just log on, search for the desired station, go to their down line and read people’s comments. You could drop your own review too or ask questions.

And if for any reason, whatsoever, you like using the services of a particular filling station, you could search by name or logo. is potentially powered to cover every nook and cranny of Nigeria which enables you check for any filling station in the country regardless of distance. Every functional filling station must have a place on

nawhere logo

At present, have covered Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt and Ughelli in Delta State. While the team works towards bringing the services to the remaining parts of the country, users are given the opportunity to add filling stations to the portal.

Yes, you can add filling stations by yourself but only for areas yet to be covered.

All these and more are packaged in this fabulous website just for you.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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