New Yahoo Mail Features and User Guide

I just upgraded to the new yahoo Mail and and am loving it. Hence, I decided to share this info I got from Yahoo with you. The guide below originally appeared on Yahoo.
Yahoo! Mail continues to evolve taking the best of what works for you and folding new and improved features into your email experience. Click these topics below to learn what’s new.

Note: Some features may not be available with a low-bandwidth connection.
  • Along the top – tabs at the top give you access to key areas of Yahoo!.

    Tabs give you access to key areas

  • Updates – have moved from the first tab to their own Updates tab next to the Contacts tab.
  • Calendar and Notepad – are available as applications on the left side of the Mail page.
  • Along the left side – open your mail folders, instant message your online contacts, including your Facebook friends, and open Yahoo! applications, such as Calendar and Notepad.

    Your online contacts and Facebook friends Yahoo! applications

  • Scrolling – scroll the entire page or individually scroll the tab contents and left navigation.

    Scroll the entire page

    Scroll sections individually
    Change your scrolling option through the Mail Options page.

Managing Email
  • Checking for new mail – click the arrow to the right of your Inbox.

    Click the Inbox arrow to check for new mail

  • Viewing messages – view your messages in lists of 50, 100, or 200 messages when you have full-page scrolling turned on.
  • Searching for messages
    • Message search has moved to the same area as Web search. Type anything from the message in the box, and then click Search Mail.

      Type anything from the message in the box and then click Search Mail

    • Results can include email messages, instant messages, and text messages.
    • Refinement options automatically display with the results.

  • Flagging messages – a yellow star (Yellow star icon) marks flagged messages, making them easier to spot. Click the column star to bring all flagged messages to the top.
Reading Email
  • Unread messages – a purple dot (Purple dot icon) and bold text indicate unread messages. Click the purple dot in the column heading to bring all unread messages to the top.
  • Opening messages – click anywhere on a message in the message list to open it.
  • Tabs – with a single click, open each message in its own tab and have multiple messages open at a time. Close a tab by clicking the tab’s X.

    Multiple messages display in their own tabs

  • Adding contacts –add names from email messages to your address book by clicking the plus sign next to the names.

    Add names from email messages to your address book

  • Replying – quickly reply to your friend by typing in the box at the bottom of the message display.

    Reply to a message by typing in the box at the bottom of the message display

  • Attachments – the icon to the right of the message’s subject lets you know immediately that it has attachments. Click the icon to access the attachments.

    The icon lets you know the message has attachments

  • Videos and photos – view them inline if they are sent from YouTube, Picasa, or Flickr.
  • Message details – show or hide them. Click the Hide/Show Details button in a message header to show or hide the message details such as the sender name and when the message was sent.

    Message details visible

    Message details hidden

Sending Email
  • Compose – an email message, instant message, or SMS message. Click the arrow to the right of Compose Message and select an option.

    Select a communication option

  • Edit email addresses –edit an email address in the address box. Double-click the entry and make your edits.

    Edit email addresses

    Note: This edit doesn’t add or change the address in your Yahoo! Contacts.

  • Format text, add emoticons, and attach files from separate tabs. You must have rich text enabled to format text and add emoticons.

    Tabs for working with your message

  • Spell check – check your spelling by clicking the checkmark in the format tab. You must have rich text enabled.

    Click the checkmark to check your spelling

Themes (previously Colors)
  • Change the color and texture of your pages using themes. Select Themes from the Optionsmenu and make your choice.

    Select Themes from the Options menu

Instant Messaging and Facebook Chat
  • Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger are more tightly connected. Where you once “chatted”, you now “instant message”.
  • Sign in and out – click the bolt next to Online Contacts. When it’s yellow, you’re signed in to Yahoo! Messenger; when it’s not, you’re signed out. Your Online Contacts appear as soon as you sign in.

    Click the bolt icon to sign in and out of Yahoo! Messenger Click the bolt icon to sign in and out of Yahoo! Messenger

  • Top contacts – view the 10 people that you instant message most often by clicking Show Top Contacts. To view all of your online contacts, click Show All.

    Click Show Top Contacts

  • Individual options – right-click the name of a contact, then select how you want to communicate and if you want to appear online or offline to this person.

    Right-click a contact's name to select menu options

  • Messenger options – change Yahoo! Messenger settings right from the Options menu.
  • Conversation history – your past conversations (instant messages, SMS messages, and Messenger phone calls) are archived, including those you had through Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger. View them in Yahoo! Mail by opening the Conversations folder.

    Open the Conversations folder

  • Facebook friends – chat with your online Facebook friends. You must have your Facebook account linked to your Yahoo! account. To sign into Facebook through Mail, click the bolt icon.

    Click the bolt icon

You can watch a Video Preview here:
I hope you will love it too…
Jide Ogunsanya
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  1. I love the new yahoo email feature. I'm enjoying it's use. So far, I've been using it a lot than my other account in gmail. but then, I never thought that it has a theme. Thanks for informing, now I can make my account look more cute.

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